How Trump could save 25,000 lives next year

How Trump could save 25,000 lives next year

One of the giant, but nearly unspoken consequences of the Trump win is a commitment to stop the awful practice of killing babies that are viable in the womb, or what’s now known as the “The 20 week rule”.

Out of nowhere, Senate majority leader McConnell has scheduled a vote for this bill on Monday. McConnell has pulled this out of a hidden pocket somewhere because he finally has a president that will sign it — and is appointing justices that would support it.

This is gigantic news and would create a moral tidal shift in this country if passed.

It would ostensibly save the 25,000 babies a year from abortion — that are aborted after that 20 week deadline every year — BUT this is speculative, some mothers who might have waited — may decide to abort inside the 20 week window instead, but even liberal estimates put the number of probable births vs. abortions at plus 20,000 if this passes.

The evangelical right turned out for Trump, if he gets to sign a bill like this into law, he would be their new hero for decades.

Trump is on a roll unlike any ever before in American politics, charging through the swamp that is Washington DC on a charging steed — like he was riding on dry ground.


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