Schumer is making a Huge error

Schumer is making a Huge error

Senator Chuck Schumer thinks shutting down the government, rather than folding to Trump on his immigration demands – is a smart move.

As usual, Schumer is wrong.

The last time Schumer was right, was when he voted against the Iranian Nuclear Deal, and it’s been a while since then.

He has misjudged not only the American peoples sentiment on this issue, he has completely misjudged 2 other critical things;

a.) HOW angry they will be,

b.) And WHO they will blame.

I’m rooting for the DACA kids, I am, but I’m not rooting for Schumer, the man is proving to be a real ass, a real demagogue, a fool who would endlessly blab about how much he loves these kids — and then viciously stab them in the back like this.

Schumer should make a deal with POTUS — swallow some of that gigantic pride — this bell you hear tolling — is the last for you if you don’t. You believe yourself untouchable, in a state you can’t lose in, well, that is not true anymore.

Trump has altered the base dynamic. Make A DACA deal or the president will call your bluff — and then you will lose your seat in the most humiliating way, to  a Republican — which frankly, may happen anyway considering what an absolute ass you have made of yourself for an entire year now.



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