The Trump Penalty robs me…

The Trump Penalty robs me…

I live in Montgomery County Maryland, a very liberal place.

All my adult life, I’ve been a Republican.

Generally, this was considered a joke and all my liberal Democratic friends would chide me, laugh at me, and of course, encourage me to switch parties and join the power elite here in the county. All my rich and powerful friends did change by the way — they wanted access and entre at the top levels of county and state government, and here in Maryland, that means switching to be a Democrat because these elected officials DO PUNISH those who don’t make the switch.

I was a journalist and therefore they couldn’t touch me, so I stayed Republican.

Every now and then this would backfire, like the time a neighbor, who knew my voting history because she canvassed my neighborhood — saw me at a Democratic function in the State House in Annapolis – which I had BEEN INVITED TOO — and began screaming at the top of her voice to the crowd of movers and shakers I was interviewing, “What is HE doing here, he’s a REPUBLICAN.” She was actually pointing at me, like I had the plague and everybody should run. This crazy bitch neighbor of mine, wanted them to throw me out of a public meeting because I was Republican. I am not joking about this. Fortunately the Governor (who was a friend) came over and asked her to keep quiet and dispersed the guards she had gathered.

But all this changed with Trump.

My old friends, with whom I had shared many political campaigns, challenges, and good-hearted ribbing over the years began calling and writing me after I started publishing pieces positive about Trump. They broke into 2 camps, the first camp was nasty, pretending they didn’t know me, didn’t know I had lived here all my life — and done many positive things for the public good — things like getting get Maryland Prepaid College Trust created for our young people, a $3 Billion program that has benefitted over 280,000 Marylanders.

The second group was more subtle, they took the angle that Trump was a liar, his agenda would eventually be exposed, and that I WAS BETTER OFF, if I didn’t embaress myself by supporting these racist, ill-thought out, bad agenda and policy positions that amount to malpractice as practiced by president Trump in their collective opinion. And their opinions are collective, it’s crazy, they seem to read from a script that David Brock must prepare daily and then widely distribute.

Alan Dershowitz has talked about this recently, how the left is demonizing their own friends, who simply disagree with them politically, although for him it’s worse, he is a Democrat.

But it’s been bad for me too.

This is a crushing moment for me emotionally, I lost a close friend of over 30 years over it, this is a horrible defeat for me — because I was blindsided by this, literally did not see it coming. I loved these people. I looked up to them. I thought they stood for something important, and although I had some disagreements with them about the importance of moral hazard and the legacy of Reagan, most of this, was in my mind, innocent discussion of how to do something better, not a friendship breaking commitment to idea’s over neighbors.

But I was wrong.

My Democratic friends are not friends at all. They are monsters — who are willing to ostracize their own friends — over a commitment to a political agenda I have always thoughts was dangerous, but was their right to believe in.

Apparently, I don’t have that same right, and never did, I just didn’t know it.

They tolerated me and humored me because they were in power and saw me as a gadfly — now that Trump is in the White House and smashing their sacred cows, something I politely watched them to do to my sacred cows – for decades — they do not see this — the way I did all those years. These ideas, one way or the other, were not a cause for rationale discussion anymore but a cause for violence, protests, impeachment and other really stupid and silly NON-DEMOCRATIC actions like constantly threatening the POTUS openly in the media, something the Secret Service is tolerating for some unknown reason.

I can absolutely guarantee you, if I had threatened president Obama and his children, the way Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Dems have – I would have been arrested. Did they arrest Kathy Griffin? No. The Dems are openly attempting to encourage a crazy into taking a shot at trump, and gauging by the shootings and attacks they have already inspired at the congressional softball game and on the Rand’s front lawn — it’s working.

I’m 57 and have just found out, this late in life, that most of my lifelong friends are hypocrites, are in fact a little crazy – and are willing to ostracize me for things I would never have dreamed of ostracizing them for.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe the Electoral College, a system used since this country was founded, is wrong and Hillary really IS our president.

But I don’t think so. I feel sorry for the people who write me—constantly calling Trump “our so called-president”, always adding the popular vote count numbers, like we EVER used popular vote or ever will. Fortunately for Trump, the Supreme Court, 62 million other Americans, and the Constitution all agree with me.

Maybe Trump is racist, has small hands, orange hair and is stupid.

But I don’t think so. His affirmative action record is exemplary, his hands look normal to me and although his hair has does have an orange cast in certain lighting, I don’t think it’s relevant to his performance as a chief executive.

As for stupid, no matter what the left tells you about Trump, don’t let them sell you this line of garbage. I study these political people, what they say, why, how it relates to their other positions and WHEN and WHY they change those positions and I can tell you, Trump is the smartest politician in America today and might be one of the smartest people in the country. I don’t say that lightly, you have to work hard to get a comment like that out of me about politicians, who I normally despise for stupidity alone.

Maybe immigration wasn’t out of control.

But I don’t think so. Trump hit a cord with the public on this issue, not because he was convincing them to become racists, but because they could see the effects of the Obama immigration policies — and they are a disaster for America, France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, basically every country that allows young, unvetted Muslim immigrants into their country experiences a wave of rape, murder, and class warfare from this group in a hugely disproportionate amount for their population numbers – because these people openly state they have no intention of assimilating, but conquering from within.

Maybe this tax cut is a give-away to the rich.

But I don’t think so. I studied the ACTUAL tax tables (Not the Washington Post, a newspaper that has become a shameful shell of it’s former self) and it looks to me like the Main Stream media is lying to the public and that come April, over 90% of the country will experience lower tax rates. The corporate rate change is something I’ve written about the need for – for years. This one even many Democratic leaders have been calling for—also for years — before Trump embraced the same idea. He even embraced the same RATE many of these Democrats called for, and now they say this TAX CUT will kill millions. This is an outright lie and I think America will discover that over the coming months.

Maybe his choices for the Bench are something Reactionary.

But I don’t think so. Gorsuch was widely liked in both camps, before the election and only became, like me; a monster — once Trump won, and appointed him.

I could go one on but you get the idea, if Trump touches it, the Dems hate it, including those that write favorably about him. Too bad, I liked my friends, but I’m not going to surrender my personal beliefs over coercive, exploitive manipulations like the Democrats seem to specialize in.

And furthermore, I promise, when this administration has ended (they all do eventually) and the pendulum inevitably swings back the other way, I won’t treat a single one of my friends the shameful, shabby and horrible way I’ve been treated. This will be easy of course, because by then, I don’t expect any of them to be speaking to me anymore.


About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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  1. merlintobie says:

    I too have lost friends of very long standing due to my conservatism. When I first started noticing hostile, offensive behavior from my old liberal pals, I figured I was getting thin-skinned, and needed to hand out more cupcakes: As time passed, their behavior became more unhinged and rude (i.e., they called me racist, and talked about assassination, gleefully). With regret, I ended several relationships – these articles helped deal with the loss Life goes on, as does my quest for new friends.

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