Israel and Iran headed to war in 2018

Israel and Iran headed to war in 2018

I’ve been watching these two countries very closely now — for years on end — and I’ve concluded they are preparing to go to war with each other.

Iran was attempting to accomplish this through proxies and all during the Obama administration they were succeeding at this — but Trump and Netanyahu have stripped away the conditions allowing that — and now – war is coming.

I also think Saudi Arabia will be involved, maybe not directly, but I wouldn’t rule that out anymore. Iran has been trying to suffocate Saudi Arabia for a generation now and the Saudi’s have finally made a decision, it’s better to westernize a bit – than fight Iran alone.

For Israel this was inevitable. Iran is their real enemy and has been all along. Iran has been planning, funding, fighting, directing and instigating all the trouble in the Middle East against the United States and Israel since the Carter administration and the only high level people that didn’t understand this, were Obama’s Iran Nuclear deal negotiating team.

Where and when will it break out? No telling really, because these things build behind the scenes and then there is a spark somewhere (usually not where expected) which ignites the whole thing. I can speculate about when though and I would say early spring 2018 because countries like to begin wars in the spring and this one won’t wait until 2019.

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