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Iranians citizens revolt!

Iranians citizens revolt! I’ve been watching Iranian protest video’s shot from the crowd level all day and I can you, even if the Main Stream leftist, lying, loony tunes Media will not — for whatever stupid reason they have — … Continue reading

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Clinton and IRG switch sides…

via Stunning Audacity – Clinton Tweets Support For Iranian Protests She Previously Helped Destroy…

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Nikki Haley & Trump back the Iranian people!

Nikki Haley & Trump back the Iranian people! She’s one of a kind. I praised the President Trump for choosing her and still do. Together, they may do what 8 horrible years of appeasement did not — topple Iran’s loathsome … Continue reading

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Today would be a good day to arrest Ben Rhodes

Today would be a good day to arrest Ben Rhodes Mr. Rhodes, formally Mr.Obama’s wormtongue, recently used tweeter to suggest he would like to see the Obituaries of VP Mike Pence, House Speaker Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell, on … Continue reading

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard crosses sides — joins protestors!

Iranian Revolutionary Guard crosses sides — joins protestors! I just saw an amazing video, out of Iran, and the Revolutionary Guard commanders and soldiers sent to shoot the protestors — had crossed over — joined in with the protestors; in … Continue reading

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CNN is Brain Cancer

CNN is Brain Cancer I got some tweets and other messaging indicating late yesterday, after 3 days of demonstrations, that CNN was not covering the brave Iranians civilian open disobedience of Sharia (women without Hajib’s) in over 30 locations — … Continue reading

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The Trump Penalty robs me…

The Trump Penalty robs me… I live in Montgomery County Maryland, a very liberal place. All my adult life, I’ve been a Republican. Generally, this was considered a joke and all my liberal Democratic friends would chide me, laugh at … Continue reading

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Crazy in California

Read the details of this new California law and you won’t believe it. I predict Trump and/or Sessions weigh in on this crazy shit — that is, if the AG isn’t too busy designing a PR campaign to “educate” me … Continue reading

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Heidi Heitkamp exposes her jugular

Heidi Heitkamp exposes her jugular North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp should have voted for this tax cut, which will be very, very popular back home. She also should have switched parties this year. Now Kevin Cramer can have her Senate … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from CNN

Merry Christmas from CNN I take it for granted that everything CNN does is crazy, so, how did Mike Pence make the “Nice” list? I mean I love the guy, but CNN? Since when do people I like and/or respect … Continue reading

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