America’s worst dirty secret revealed right here…Weinstein is not an anomaly!

America’s worst dirty secret revealed right here…Weinstein is not an anomaly!

This country has a lot of dirty secrets, but there is one in particular that is so pervasive, so evil, and so concealed, that literally nobody is talking about it. This special crime makes it possible for lots of other criminals to be walking around, driving around, working — and making decisions about your life — interacting with you; making deals and contracts on behalf of many different companies you deal with, big and small, AND all without your knowledge. This is happening in every big, medium and even every small town in America.

How could this be you say? Surely this is just Karl being crazy or exaggerating – right?

Before you decide to quit reading and dismiss this article as beneath your concern, ask yourself one little question, how DID a man like Harvey Weinstein, get away with all this blatantly illegal conduct for DECADES and you, the average stiff, knew nothing of it? To make the question even tougher, ask yourself this – if the FBI and other law enforcement had been aware of Weinstein and had been ignoring it – would the President (Obama) have sent his daughter to intern with the man? I don’t think so. The answer is – they did not know — and they did not know for a reason, which is so sick, so twisted, and so offensive to good public order that it must be stopped and Gosh Darn It, if possible, I’m going to stop it.

Weinstein is rich, powerful, and he was a very influential man, who also, as it happens, has apparently been paying off and covering up “alleged” sexual assaults for DECADES.

How could this happen you say?

How do the rich and/or powerful always get off?

I’m going to tell you, and to be honest — I had a hand in this shameful behavior for years – because I was once rich and powerful – and had all these secrets opened up to me.

Now I’m going to tell them to you.

You don’t have to buy anything, I’m not going to make you click anywhere else, you can stay right here, read just todays blog to the end — and get the real dope on Americas’ dirtiest secret — the one that must be revealed, and exposed, and eventually changed — before we can adjust the countries trajectory in a positive way.

This secret is really MILLIONS of secrets, millions of crimes, millions of times people have been abused, attacked, robbed, raped, sexually assaulted and/or humiliated – AND nothing has been done about it. How is this possible you say?

“I live in America, we have good laws, incorruptible (generally) police, careful courts, how can this happen?”

It can happen and does happen everyday — because of a peculiar legal situation we have in this country – and because the Lawyers of America, are a ruthless, unprincipled, hypocritical, thieving bunch of lying assholes, that will cut your throat and leave your family homeless for a healthy hourly fee.


Why do I say that? Because the Harvey Weinstein’s of this world are protected, enabled, even incentivized by a legal algorithm I am about to describe – created and executed by lawyers every single day — and that must be broken or it will break this country.

Every day, thousands of lawyers go to work and put on what I call the façade. They pretend to be important, smart, knowledgeable, ethical and law abiding. They demand others treat them this way and they even condescend to their clients. This is all bullshit, as I am about to tell you, the majority of these pretenders are MUCH worse criminals than their clients, have a set of morals the devil would be proud of, and do more harm with a briefcase than Al Capone did with a machine gun.

While president of the 6 daily Journal Newspapers, that surrounded Washington in the nineties, I had 350 employees, a press plant, a truck fleet, 5 regional offices and a production headquarters. It was a complicated company to run and sometimes things went wrong. When that happened, if our in-house counsel couldn’t handle the problem I would call in outside, high caliber legal “talent”. These brilliant, famous, and popular lawyers had years of experience, connections, friendships and clout with every court (and almost every judge) in northern Virginia.

They quickly showed me the ropes. The first step of this scam is to understand our legal system — which makes the lawyer and his client one in the eyes of the law. This is supposedly for confidentiality reasons, and may have begun that way, but those days are gone, now this confidentiality thing is really just an excuse to carry out the scheme I am about to describe.

At the newspaper, we had a sales manager that was sexually harassing the female employees in his department. Fearing retaliation, the employees handled it a number of ineffective ways — before one of them slipped me a note one day describing everything going on down there. After an investigation, which verified the claim, I decided to let the manager go. My lawyers had a completely different plan. First, they made settlements with each female employee, that were completely confidential, that did not require the paper to charge him – and that had the money pay out tied to future confidentiality.

Next, they wanted me to put him in treatment, and then after the treatment, retire him without ever putting him back on active duty on the sales floor. They spoke with the newspapers owners of course and explained to them how even though this was more expensive than my solution by far – it would protect the newspaper from negative publicity, future lawsuits, fake lawsuits, and gave the corporation leverage over the damaged employees. As lawyers, they could draft, get executed, and handle all the paperwork needed to make this legal and airtight.

Of course, the owners ordered the cover-up. And it worked. The Journal Newspaper itself was never hit with a giant controversy or lawsuit concerning a long-time high level employee and everybody was happy. Except the female employees at the next newspaper he went to, the female employees left at the Journal, who, although compensated, were never right again after watching their tormenter leave, get another job and retain all his reputation. They ended up feeling dirty, wrong, used and betrayed.

They were right.

This is not an exception. Racism, sexual advances and assault, rape, theft, coercion, fraud, and a whole list of other offenses are really a disaster for these people but are just another notch in the belt for today’s modern lawyer. Weinstein did not cover all these problems – his lawyers did – over and over again.

The better lawyers are so smug about all this, so sure of the way they explain it all and handle it, it can take months or even years before you realize lawyers cover-up thousands of such situation everyday in America, on a range of topics, and always, always, always with only one thought, cover-up, hide, conceal, bury, pay-off, find leverage, keep the ball rolling, don’t fix anything, BECAUSE that is an admission of wrong doing — and in this algorithm –you should never admit wrong doing, except to a judge for leniency, and only then after all other legal mediation efforts written in to this long algorithm have failed – and this is MORE true — if you are doing a lot of wrong.

Wall Street executives stole Billions, manipulated LIBOR, crashed our financial system, and did all with huge amounts of recoverable data — to prove it — and like the Journal sales manager, Harvey Weinstein and the Wall Street cabal — NONE of these people are ever charged with a crime, ever even NAMED, and if you think it’s because these people are genius’s, believe me, it isn’t. Let me explain.

Ryan Phillips was the Journal newspapers owner’s son. I think he was literally one of the stupidest human beings I ever met. On top of that, he was real creep show, acting inappropriately to young women and idolizing Robert E. Lee (not kidding).

I can give you the intimate details on both times he was arrested, once for masturbating in front of a female girl’s dorm in Richmond at the Governor’s inaugural and once for instructing two of his employees (Ryan also own gas stations) to threaten other gas station owners – in Florida – during a hurricane; to go along with his price gouging scheme — or else. Ryan never served time for either of these, just like Weinstein hasn’t and just like the Wall Street guys didn’t and just like almost every business owner and/or high level manager doesn’t –because the lawyers have a scheme, this settle-but-demand-confidentiality scheme that keeps the perpetrator’s in the field, working, earning, and of course, 99% of the time — committing more crime.

If the elite are worried about you, they switch the scheme around, file a lawsuit against you, claiming you did a bunch of bad stuff, publicize it, and use this phony trumped up leverage to force you into a confidentiality/settlement agreement that covers their bases.

All this takes is money and lawyers willing to do it and virtually every corporate lawyer I’ve ever met fits that description. Right now in California, there are hundreds of studio and entertainment executives who are looking up who the Weinstein’s lawyers were – NOT because they want to avoid these scum bag lawyers (who didn’t just know what he was doing–but facilitated his continuation of the illegal behavior) but because these lawyers let this predator operate for decades and if they can do that for him – well by god, think what they can do for my business!

Congress will never touch this of course, but there is a man named Trump in the White House — and he’s different than all the rest – he might just tackle this one –because it’s so tough, so one else would dare touch it.

The solution actually is very simple. Drafting agreements — which make criminal conduct confidential — should be illegal for lawyers to do in the course of their civil work load. This would cost them billions and tons of leverage, but my god, would it ever re-tilt the playing field between the rich and everybody else, slightly back toward an angle that isn’t a danger to our democracy.



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