Power and Rice will face Felony charges soon…

Power and Rice will face Felony charges

I predicted here – months ago – both of these trail blazing and important woman, who shaped foreign policy in the United States for years, would eventually be arrested and charged with felony crimes concerning abuse of authority and use of government resources to illegally monitor then President elect Trump and/or his close advisors. Step by step, FBI and DOJ authorities, under the direction of Senator Chuck Grassley’s office, are unraveling this huge ball of string and so far, I’ve been proven right, these women look to be in ever deeper and hotter water.

I predicted this because it was clear to me, the Russian narrative was a ploy by the Dems, to smear Trump, that turned into a cover-up, and when you draw the intersecting lines for such a scheme, they intersect at Obama and Hillary – HOWEVER – according to another of the Spain political axiom’s which I believe generally apply, this nation’s fixed judicial system RARELY punishes the people at the very top and they never punish a guy like Obama — who many consider a god. So, I knew a crime had been committed, I knew it was done with computers and therefore would come out — BUT I assumed the system would fix a scapegoat near the top, like Rice, Rhodes, or Power, or even Wasserman-Schultz, and/or some combination.

So far, my thinking has been spot on.

A crime was committed, in fact, HUNDREDS of them by the top Dems during this election cycle, and it looks like the blame, plea deals, convictions, secret arrangements and judicial excess I expected are all kicking in – but unfortunately I believe the stink from all this will only get close to the source of the cancer – AND not get all the way to the former President and former Secretary of State, where it definitely belongs.

The alternative, which every Democratic partisan is walking around in denial over – is that Rhodes, Power, Rice, Clapper and all the others necessary for the wiretap, the unmasking, the release of those names, and the rigging of the primary – did all these illegal things WITHOUT the president’s or candidate Clinton’s knowledge.

As the kids today say, LOL.


From the Daily Caller — Former Obama administration UN ambassador Samantha Power requested the ‘unmasking’ of Americans named in intelligence reports more than 260 times during her last year in office, according to a new report.

Power’s total is more than one request per workday of 2016 – far exceeding the numbers typical of someone in her position, which in the past have come in the low single digits, according to a report by Fox News.

Unmasking occurs when a government official so-empowered, requests the name of an American who appears in an intelligence report, be revealed.

In Power’s case, this activity extended up until shortly before Obama left office, according to the Fox report.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is part of his panel’s inquiry into whether any officials engaged in political unmaskings to discredit Trump officials.

Nunes removed himself from his panel’s Russia probe after his trips to the White House where he viewed intelligence documents and reviewed unmaskings.

In July Nunes, wrote Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to complain about ‘partisan’ unmaskings.

“We have found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information,” Nunes wrote.


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2 Responses to Power and Rice will face Felony charges soon…

  1. agelesmd says:

    Karl, if only justice were so non-partisan, incorruptible, and clear eyed. here is my thinking:

    The reporter(s) that leaked the unmasked names know the source and committed a felony national security breach as they knew the information was top secret.

    Can we apply enough pressure to those reporting the unmasked names without lionizing them. They reveal their sources or stay in jail? legally yes. politically, perhaps not.
    You were a reporter, what do you think??

    I see Rice escaping conviction and even formal charges. She will mostly cooperate as the contradictory statements and contradictory facts she inevitably spouts off will get her in trouble that can only be cured by rolling over on her political friends: Powers and Rhodes. Additionally, Rice had the ultimate alibi of being the NS Advisor to the President with the responsibility to unmask names. The investigators will never find her to be the leaker…

    Rice was smart enough to have asked Powers to unmask the names for political purposes for Obama so as to keep her “hands clean”. Powers was zealous and foolish enough to do it without thinking she would be caught as HRC was supposed to be president. Once Powers unmasked Trump names and the confidential Trump campaign conversations that were occurring during the election cycle, the information was immediately available to Rice and thus Obama and HRC without an active White House request. It was an elegant way to spy on your political opponents, much more clever than Nixon’s Watergate. Yet it is a crime of the highest order that threatens Democracy, not that those around HRC believe in democratic ideals as witnessed by her taking of what was Bernie’s.

    Rhodes will likely go down with Powers, I agree. Big Mouth. Ego that eclipsed his brain. And lots of fake friends.
    Powers will go down as she has no reasonable alibi for unmasking 100 times the normal amount of US citizens that coincidentally were associated with the opposition candidate.
    But Susan… she will squeak out of it without any public scratches….

    just my thoughts

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