A Love Letter to Tillerson and Haley

A Love Letter to Tillerson and Haley

I have a lot of respect for the job Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is doing under very bad circumstances and of course, I’m in love (isn’t everybody?) with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has exceeded even my impossibly high expectations. She has expertly handled a wide variety of situations, in short order — even with hostile countries — with such a perfect combination of logic, persuasion, and some arm-twisting — as to look like she’s been on the international stage all her life. I’m convinced either her or Heidi Heitkamp, the wonderful Senator from North Dakota, will be our first woman President.

But this piece is not about how great they are doing, but about something serious they need to address, and unfortunately, even as full as their plates are, they need to ALSO get going on this.

In the summer of 2013, the U.S. State Department issued a report, which supposedly was a summary of Iranian influence in Latin America. I say allegedly because I have excerpted the report below, and as you can see for yourself, it’s amateurish, and makes broad sweeping assertions without support, that are consequently wrong. Although this report outraged me at the time, there was nothing that could be done, the Iranian Nuclear Deal whitewash was on, and since the State Department itself — was coordinating this whitewash program — getting them to withdrawal their propaganda portion of this, was a pipe-dream, and I knew it.

That document sits out there, un-repudiated by our government however, and that is a mistake. Let’s examine just a few reasons why:

From the study summary – “In 2013, governments in Latin America made modest improvements to their counterterrorism capabilities and their border security.”

This starts out innocuous enough, sort of a – “No Problem Here,” beginning, but lede of this report does not even mention Iran.

State Department – “Corruption, weak government institutions, insufficient interagency cooperation, weak or non-existent legislation, and a lack of resources remained the primary causes for the lack of significant progress in some of the countries.”

The very things Iran is promoting in Latin America, and exploiting, the report admits exist — but makes no to CONNECTION to Iran.

This is like leftist street literature not a State Department report, people are poor, that’s the problem, not the behavior and interference from a foreign regime — that given a chance — will wipe out the legal systems in these countries, (Sharia Law), gut their democratic institutions and/or CLOSE them, (Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc.), kill all your Jews, Homosexuals, Christians and non-believers of all stripes, and then LEAVE the country stone-age poor forever. This process, being violently carried out by Iran in multiple countries, according to the State Department, in the next sentence — is less of a threat — then the drug cartels, which they call transnational criminal organizations:

State — “Transnational criminal organizations continued to pose a more significant threat to the region than transnational terrorism, and most countries made efforts to investigate possible connections with terrorist organizations.”

This is a bold lie, the Obama narrative was slicker than oil, he never said, you are wrong, he always provided some false stalking horse, like “The big problem isn’t Iran buying Presidential influence in Argentina to cover the bombing of a Jewish day care center BY the Iranians, or the purchase of advanced Russian SAM systems (sanctions violation) through Venezuela, or the propping up of that illegitimate regime, or the actual terrorists, used throughout Latin America, comprised of Cuban, Venezuelan and Iranian forces? What does State say to all this? The following line:

State – “Iran’s influence in the Western Hemisphere remained a concern.”

That’s it; I swear that was all there was – “…remained a concern.”

Like the Mullahs, and the Republican Guards, and their worldwide terrorism program were a storm off the coast of Argentina that would blow over. The rest of the paragraph was devoted to an outright lie the Obama administration was brilliant at telling:

“Look, we did this; it worked; now we’re going to go a step further.”

Of course, the original program they were declaring a success, was already such a compete cluster *uck-up, only the Obama people would have had the brass balls to call it a success.

AND remarkably they got away with exactly this kind of shit for 8 straight years. It would take a book to detail the enormity of the lie perpetrated by this report, but I think most people would agree, the next sentence is ludicrous on it’s face.

State – “However, due to strong sanctions imposed on the country by both the United States and the EU, Iran has been unable to expand its economic and political ties in Latin America.”

This is contradicted by hundreds of press reports SINCE this report was issued but it was preceded by them as well, this didn’t just turn out to be untrue, it was untrue when this report was generated by what appears to be either a college student and/or a State Department intern at that time. Just this week of course, Iran loaned the dictator of Venezuela, Maduro The Bull, enough money to stay in power down there, and suppress his own people, while further destabilizing the continent, after getting a multi-billion dollar line of credit from China. Next State will be issuing a report saying the Chinese influence in Latin America is also non-existent and also not a threat.

Here’s MORE of what State said fours year ago in that disastrous report the State Department needs to officially repudiate:

State – “The United States continued to work with partner nations to build capacity to detect and address any potential terrorist threat. There were no known operational cells of either al-Qa’ida or Hizballah in the hemisphere, although ideological sympathizers in South America and the Caribbean continued to provide financial and ideological support to those and other terrorist groups in the Middle East and South Asia.”

These were all State Department lies — Iran doesn’t export oil, they export terror, terrorists, terrorist ideologies, and provide funding and training and logistical support for terrorist activities. It’s just what they do — and they are doing it, have been doing it, and will continue to do it in Latin America if we don’t respond.

Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley, I say this with Love, because you both are pitching a nearly perfect game by my standards (I know there’s a little personal friction between you two, I would hope you both would see that as a plus for the American people) but this old report is a batter left on base that needs to come home, this report is a disgrace and if we want to change the way the world sees Iran — we need to stop lying to the world in our own State Department reports, about who they are, what they are doing, and where they are doing it.

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1 Response to A Love Letter to Tillerson and Haley

  1. agelesmd says:

    Yes, the negative influences of Iran in South and Central America was naively minimized in that report –> but the reason these countries are so susceptible to criminal and foreign influence is the historical cultural acceptance and expectations of bribes and corruption that inevitably undermine economic growth potentials, creating a fertile field for external manipulation.
    Look no further than Brazil’s cadre of leaders going to jail in the past couple years from testimony that was shocking as to extent and amounts. Brazil was the shining example of progress in South America, and once their pants were pulled down it was shocking.

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