The Democratic Party is about to break into 2 pieces…

The Democratic Party is about to break into 2 pieces.

After losing the White House, a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, and so many State legislature seats — that the Dem Caucus is at its lowest levels in 100 years, the Party’s initial response to Trump winning was embarrassingly ham-handed.

First, the Dems actually challenged the electoral process, something the Dem presidential candidate, Hillary, initially defended — and then attacked Trump for questioning. These hypocritical, hypothetical and hysterical Party positions do not go un-noticed, hence the internal Dem polling — showing an even bigger crisis coming at the ballot box in 2018.

Next they attacked Trump on Russia. From every angle, straight down a list so long I won’t repeat it, for tedium’s sake.

Putin did have a favorite, and it wasn’t Trump. Politician that Putin is, he kept a foot in the other camp, probably Manafort, but he was foisted onto Trump by the RINO establishment and was never an insider. Trump is a nightmare for Russia, North Korea and China — and it’s impossible that Putin and Xi didn’t see that coming before the election.

The choice of Russia as the center of a conspiracy narrative may have been the stupidest political manuever/blunder by a major party since Watergate. In many ways they resemble each other, as scandals go that is, not because of detail, but the poor decision-making coupled with the raw abuse of power — all in pursuit of imaginary demons.  The Dems cooked up the Russian narrative to beat Trump and it was probably their undoing just like Nixon did not need to bug the DNC, he was going to win handily without any advantages gained.

Screaming about it — after the votes were counted — will not get Trump impeached — but will most certainly get a few high level Dems jailed. That’s why Pelosi and Schumer are backpedaling as fast as possible and making this deal. The shrill screaming highlighted a humiliating evidence trail, that still may explode further — and she knows that process has become irreversible. That sentence more than other thing I have written recently explains what is happening inside the citadels of power in the US right now. Why?

Senator Chuck Grassley is hard at work following that trail and there isn’t a better bloodhound in the country, and the news from his investigation, will, in all likelihood, be many more Dem black eyes, and maybe even a few jail terms for the designated fall people like Rice and Powers. This “unmasking” and Russia narrative led like a trail of breadcrumbs to Obama and Hillary — but we don’t have the evidence yet they ordered these crimes, so patience is needed here. Either way, I sense Pelosi feels she can handle what she currently knows about, but is terrified of what she doesn’t.

Comey crossed a number of legal and ethical boundaries but was an opponent and/or double agent that had to be handled with care. If Comey choose his exit platform and timing, he could have toppled a president, Trump was careful to avoid the possibility of this happening — and he succeeded. Gorsuch is not his big victory so far, the man was a shoo-in, out-smarting Comey — and extinguishing the single greatest threat to the Presidency in his first year — was.

Next they attacked Trump because he said both sides were to blame in Charlottesville.

This just seemed like a KKK endorsement by Trump — because most people had not reviewed the video, did not know there were two sides doing the attacking — and also — the public really did not know much yet about Antifa, the terrorist organization being paid to disrupt, attack, and intimidate lawful protesters in Charlottesville, Berkeley and other cities.

The public knew a little bit about the Confederate statue removal protesters but not enough to make comprehensible his “good people on both sides” comment. Instead it looked like a further endorsement of white supremacy. Since most Liberals already think he’s a: crotch grabbing, “birther don,” fire, fury and flatulence, misogynistic pig — satan worshipping (no, no, sorry that’s them), jesus-freak, it wasn’t much of a leap for them to add; KKK, Nazi, and white supremacist to the list. Still, his phraseology was awful.

It will be interesting to see how many of these diehards are “red-pilled” and end up voting for Trump in 2020. I predict the final verdict on Trump’s first term by the American people — including the afore-mentioned Liberals, swings on an issue unknown to us all at this time and NOT mentioned here in this column at all today.

What’s left after all the smoke cleared at the battle of Charlottesville? Nancy Pelosi condemned Antifa — or a complete vindication of the President — by the most un-likely adversary. She threw in a shot at Confederate statuary, but it was a cold and lifeless attack.

Now, Trump is a bad man all over again, and his supporters are evil, because he GAVE Congress six months to fix a BLATENTLY illegal program, DACA, started under President Obama. The simple fact is, and Obama did not really deny this, President Obama ran a lawless administration on purpose, to achieve ends he admitted he couldn’t achieve any other way. Every single one of those actions violated his oath of office. Now, that I have made this political observation, feel free to personally attack me for being a racist, it’s nonsense of course, but not any more so than the rest of the Liberal narrative.

For example, the Holder “Marijuana Memo” contradicted existing Federal law, although issued by the Attorney General, it instructed stakeholders across the country in the methodology necessary to circumvent existing LAW. I did not, AND still do not agree with the laws of this country on POT, and feel furthermore, that they are a civil rights violation against minorities — HOWEVER — ignoring US law is not an option to solve the problem. This Holder/Obama Memo was popular of course, as was Obama, and so, the press simply walked away from and/or ignored its complete lack of any legal foundation.

One department of government may not instruct others on how to violate Federal law, their actual duty, whether they like this idea or not, is to obey the law, until it’s changed. This principle is at the foundation of our country. We fought a Civil War and lost 700,000 souls to change our Constitution and laws, long after slavery was no longer popular in the more heavily populated half of the country.

To ignore the importance of the rule of law is to victimize the very people you want to protect.

This has been true since this country was founded and will be true into the forseeable future if Americans have any sense left at all, which I’m betting they do, because despite this withering barrage, Trump supporters remain loyal.

All of this led up to todays announcement that Pelosi and Schumer have struck a deal on the debt ceiling, the debt limit and Harvey FEMA funding. Uh Oh. That sound you hear cracking in your skull is the Democratic Party splitting into two distinct parts, those that want to survive the next election, because they come from relatively competitive districts and all the other Democrats, who will be free to continue living in a mass hysteria bubble.

That last group will be typified and led by loony tunes Liberals like Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.), who said Wednesday night that several House Democrats are not supportive of the agreement that Democratic leaders made with President Donald Trump earlier in the afternoon.

From MSNBC — Host Chris Hayes asked Gutierrez what his reaction was to Democratic leaders threatening to jam Republican efforts in the Senate if Republicans refused to pass legislation protecting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

DACA is a 2012 Obama-era program that deferred deportation for young illegal immigrants who traveled to the United States with their parents; several days ago, Trump announced his plan to end the program.

“The Democratic Caucus is not in sync with making this agreement with the president of the United States of America,” Gutierrez said.
“I’ve spoken to dozens of members of the Democratic Caucus and let me just say this, Chris, you know we fought hard and tenaciously to put 800,000 DREAMers in a very safe place.”

This places him squarely in opposition to Pelosi and Schumer who now have no reason, no reason whatsoever, not do exactly that: make a real deal with Trump on DACA, tax reform, even Obama care –because I predict the same core group of Democratic Senators, led by the smartest of them all — Heidi Heitkamp — will seize this opportunity to shape Trump’s legislative agenda.

Heitkamp’s long-standing (she first proposed solutions to the Obamacare problems — while Obama was President) plan was not that much different from one of the final Senate versions, and if I know Heitkamp, she already has 60 votes for it, she just couldn’t put the two groups of pledges together yet.

If you think I’m crazy, and apparently even my friends do, here’s why I believe all this is possible, from the Washington Free Beacon:

Democratic congressional leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) announced earlier in the morning that they were “prepared to offer our votes for the Harvey aid package, and a short-term debt limit increase of three months,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

They went on to say that they were optimistic that their bipartisan support would help Democrats pave a path “forward to ensure (sic) prompt delivery of Harvey aid as well as avoiding a default, while both sides work together to address government funding, DREAMers, and health care.”

There it was, did you hear it too? Let’s play the tape again as they say: ” They went on to say that they were optimistic that their bipartisan support would help Democrats pave a path “forward to ensure prompt delivery of Harvey aid as well as avoiding a default, while both sides work together to address government funding, DREAMers, and health care.”


A billion printed words, a million lies, and the log jam is broken. How do I know? Pelosi AND Schumer just said so. I have to admit, I don’t normally trust these two, and frankly, they could even renege on this, I’ve seen them do worse — but I have never seen them in a corner like this before.

They aren’t folding to pass Harvey aid, Pelosi could gum that up and make it look like Trump’s fault in a second, hell, she could tell the NYT — “Trump stole the Aid”, and they would print it page 1, above the fold, as they used to say.

But she won’t.

The push polling numbers she has been having nightmares over, leave her no options. Either she makes a deal and salvage’s the Party’s edge voters on jobs, terrorism, immigration, and the economy — or the mid-terms will permanently cripple the party.

Every shot they fired, got headlines, created a wave of huffing and puffing, but further drove the issue sensitive Independents, disenfranchised blue-collar Democrats, and RINO Republicans toward Trump, a man they are suspicious of still, but are ALL warming too. As the poll numbers mount up, showing how devastating politically it can be, to be a Never-Trumper, this new Senate coalition of 55, will grow.

Flake will be the poster boy for how stupid it is to behave this way and I expect him to become a Senate leper even before the next election, where he is ousted.

Now we’ll see Tax Reform (last 1986), Obama care Repair (Heitkamp plan), DACA become legal (a huge favor to these 800,000 AMERICANS), and real progress on a number of other fronts centering on the common ground Trump has had for YEARS with moderate Senate Democrats like Heitkamp, that favor jobs growth, energy development, higher wages, conservative law enforcement policies (she was a prosecutor) and a Liberal (but sensible) social agenda that focuses less on which toilet people use — and more on the injustices of our legal system, the real front for civil rights.

I think there’s 55  to 65 Senators in this new emerging group, with between 5 and 15 Dems (issue driven) and a loss of 2 to 6 Republicans (party unity is not a R strength), because of ideology.

Heitkamp was my first choice for President, as you may have noticed, she just didn’t get the memo from me, and did not run. She’ll get her turn, right now, Trump is exceeding my expectations.

I love this country. One day you’re in the dog house, the next day you’re on top.

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