DACA Disgrace

DACA Disgrace

President Obama forcefully promised us the American people — that DACA was temporary, a “stop-gap” measure, that it was not a new and different path to citizenship, that it was legal and necessary.

Absolutely NONE of that was true.

The former President wasn’t unlucky about how wrong his assertions were — he was lying. Dianne Feinstein, as Liberal a US Senator as they come, admitted to Chuck Todd in an interview THIS week, that DACA is not legal and that Congress needs to fix the law, not President Trump.

This editorial from International Investors Daily says it all:

Rule Of Law: What happens when the president of the United States decides to uphold the Constitution’s separation of powers and appropriately defers to Congress on immigration law? If his name is Donald Trump, everyone has a nervous breakdown.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that President Trump was rescinding Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” an executive order that let young people in the country illegally apply to get a renewable two-year work authorization and other benefits, including participating in Social Security.

Obama enacted DACA in June 2012 after Congress failed to pass immigration reforms he wanted. Obama said that in the face of congressional inaction, he was going to reshape the country’s immigration policy all on his own, or has he put it, take “steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people.” But even Obama described DACA as a “temporary, stopgap measure.”

Well, within five years more than 800,000 illegals had been effectively granted amnesty under the program, and the “temporary” part of it had long been forgotten.

Obama also didn’t seem to care if his move was constitutional or not.

The courts had struck down one of Obama’s other unilateral immigration orders, and DACA would likely have suffered the same fate. And Sessions explained in announcing DACA’s repeal that Obama “deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch.”

(Yet somehow, Obama was never accused of being an authoritarian by the people who’ve been denouncing Trump as one.)

The Trump administration has also been careful to let the program wind down over six months, making it clear that Congress can use that time to do its job and change the nation’s immigration laws, if it so chooses. Lawmakers could, for example, craft rules to protect those currently in DACA.

In other words, Trump is putting the DACA ball in Congress’ court, where it belonged all along.

Constitutional issues aside, however, DACA as Obama implemented it was bad public policy.

As we noted in this space in the wake of Obama’s unilateral action, DACA wasn’t about “the children” so much as it was about partisan politics.

First, despite its name, DACA applied to anyone under the age of 30 — in other words, adults. While DACA may have opened the doors to colleges and jobs for these “dreamers,” it also closed them for many American citizens. Plus, the fact that just 5% of applications were denied smacked of poor enforcement, at least.

DACA was also clearly part of the Democrats’ broader strategy to grant widespread amnesty to illegals, mainly as a way to get more Democratic voters. And it was largely responsible for the flood of children who started pouring across the border not long after Obama announced his executive order.

“Make no mistake,” we said at the time, “the DACA program — which gives illegal immigrants under 30 a pass to take U.S. jobs and education — is the main magnet now drawing illegals north.”

Despite all this, we get to witness yet another emotional breakdown by Trump’s critics.

Immigration activists called Trump a “liar” and a “monster.” Protesters outside the White House carried signs that said “We are America” and “We want education, down with deportation.”

United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez called Trump’s decision “heartless and immoral.”

Now you can expect waves of news stories about how lives will be ruined because of Trump’s decision. USA Today already has a commentary on its website written by a DACA enrollee who says keeping DACA in place is about “who we want to be as a nation.”

And here we thought that “who we want to be as a nation” was enshrined in the Constitution, not the arbitrary and illegal acts of a former president.


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