Mattis slams the MSM

Mattis slams the MSM

If you a Liberal in this country right now, and are watching and/or reading traditional news sources like the WaPo, the NYT, ABC, CBS or NBC — you are being CONSISTENTLY lied to on three levels.

The first pack of lies is an all out assault on the POTUS in which they are all allowed to lie, make up sources, use anonymous sources, and devote entire newspapers, and news cycles — covering far fetched theories about improbable and wholly unproven Trump misdeeds.

The second big lie is the omission lie. Right now the MSM is NOT covering (this is a joke), the Awan brothers scandal, the Democratic Party rig of a primary as attested to by a federal judge, the Grassley and Graham letters, poor Seth Rich, the Menedez corruption trial (astonishing), multiple admissions across the country that the voting roles contain millions more names than there are voting age Americans, and these are just to name a few.

The third lie is a complete news blackout and/or Orwellian retelling of the Democratic Party situation at the moment, including false polls, made up news and a complete absence, a complete absence, in any respected newspaper – of any responsible coverage explaining the Trump administration positions. These news organizations are openly scorning balanced coverage, insisting in print and on air — that it is OK to bend ethical rules, incite violence, even perpetrate violence if the act is aimed at a white, a racist and/or anybody else the Left doesn’t like.

How bad is it? General Mattis is not a liar, these reporters he is referring to are. This story from The Hill says it all. If I was in either the ownership and/or management of these media giants I would rethink how far their obvious bias has let them go – when the best of the Pentagon brass calls you out, you’re in a heap a hurt — whether you know it or not.

Here it is from The Hill and it is a thing of beauty:

Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday called it “ludicrous” that some took his recent comments on North Korea as contradicting President Trump.

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that the United States “has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer!”

Mattis replied when asked later that the United States is “never out of diplomatic solutions.”

Mattis was speaking to reporters prior to meeting with South Korea’s defense minister at the Pentagon and was asked about the commander in chief’s comments and whether they ruled out a diplomatic solution to North Korea’s ongoing missile tests.

“I was asked if there were any diplomatic efforts left, and I said, ‘of course,’ ” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday.

“Diplomatic can include economic sanctions, United Nations, not just talking — it didn’t contradict anything the president said. We’re not talking to the North Koreans right now.”

When a reporter pressed that the remark was “widely interpreted” as contradicting Trump, Mattis replied, “It was widely misinterpreted then.”

He added, “I can’t help people who misinterpret things. I’ll do my best to call it like I see it, but right now if I say ‘six’ and the president says ‘half-a-dozen,’ they’re gonna say I disagree with him.”

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