BitChute (bad name) will be the next big “Thing” you hear about

BitChute (bad name) will be the next big “Thing” you hear about

Most people hate computers and technical shit and I don’t blame them.

But it is necessary to stay up on all this because it can affect our Democracy and I like to keep a close eye on that.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Reddit, all these major information highways which were wide open are now being censored, not by the government, but by Liberals working for these companies. Ouch.

So, some alternatives will spring into action soon and I think the one I’m going to feature today, has a chance to be a winner, because their approach is so different. This next part is a little technical but you should read it, you’ll get the drift anyway, even if computers aren’t your thing. This is from the BitChute web page:

Throughout 2015 and 2016 several prominent You Tubers reported a loss of video monetization when covering certain topics or for having particular opinions. YouTube claimed this was due to tighter enforcement of existing rules, even if true this will restrict the type of content that gets made and is a form of censorship.

Here we believe people should be able to express their opinions and choose their topics. If existing services cannot allow that, then let’s make some that will. The question is, how to disrupt a platform as well established as YouTube? It cannot be on their terms; we think we might have an answer, decentralization by torrents and tailored matchups for monetization. *More on the monetization to come soon.

Rather than needing massive data centers with humongous bandwidth costs, torrents depend on many people sharing videos from their home computers. While this has been possible for many years through bit torrent, bit torrent applications have steep learning curves; this site aims to make the torrent experience seamless by working entirely in the web browser.

This format has a lot of promise.

If they make it easy and it works seamlessly from the browser, this would give everybody in the world, that wants to be a YouTube channel themselves, big or small, the ability to do it without censorship.

In other words, this is likely to be huge because YouTube and the others are abusing their power and censoring political speech, a huge no-no in the United States of America.

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