Angela Merkel’s Miscalculations

Angela Merkel’s Miscalculations

I love Angela Merkel, I think she’s brilliant and almost single handily put together the strategy – and implanted it – that finally halted Putin’s push into Ukraine. For this single feat, she deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and a comfortable retirement.

She miscalculated badly on the immigration issue however, and then doubled down on that miscalculation — and now she has trouble in her own party, with the German electorate, and has stirred up trouble over the same issue, in five other European nations.

The Merkel miscalculation concerning Trump when he visited there — was more of a snub, not a real split as the media played it — and one she probably THOUGHT would help her in her bruised relationship with the German electorate, something obviously not true based on the tone of the article below.

Logically of course, she is completely correct about Trump, his election, and her country’s position as an important American ally — but her immigration and refugee positions were anything but logical, so I was glad to see this. After what happened last time, I would have bet on another doubling down, and instead we get the bended knee. Whatever the real reasons, Thank God.

I speculate the internal polling done by her party — was truly frightening.

Like the polling the Democrats did recently, that they are covering up, which shows Trump gaining momentum.

Angela Merkel then, as brought to you by Reuters:


BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday Donald Trump must be shown appropriate respect for holding the office of the U.S. president, even if she may differ with him on policy issues.

Merkel, campaigning for a fourth term in office after a Sept. 24 national election, has refused to bend to pressure from her Social Democrat (SPD) rivals to resist demands by Trump for NATO members to increase their defense spending.

As a committed Atlanticist, she has stressed the strength of German relations with the United States even when flagging differences in opinion on policy.

“If you take the president of the United States, whatever differences of opinion there may be, I know he prevailed in a tough election. It wasn’t reserved for him on a silver platter,” she told business daily Handelsblatt in an interview.

“In the end, he won the election under American electoral law and that means he is democratically elected and that this person should be shown the appropriate respect, regardless of how I assess his views,” she added.

Her SPD challenger, Martin Schulz, has been far more critical of Trump, referring to the U.S. president as “this irresponsible man in the White House”.

Merkel, who enjoyed holidaying in the United States before becoming chancellor in 2005, said she missed the opportunity to vacation there now.

“I can’t go on holiday in San Diego now as chancellor because the time difference is too much, and that is something I miss a bit, but the work itself is so marvelous that I can afford to miss it.”

Reporting by Paul Carrel; editing by Mark Heinrich

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