Truth talking Trent Lapinski

Truth talking Trent Lapinski

There are a group of us in America, young tech titans like Lapinski, some old newspaper guys like myself, and a disparate group of others — that believe the public is being manipulated by the mainstream media (MSM) in this country, right now. He, and I others like us, are all former something’s; Bernie Lovers, Liberals, Independents, RINO Republicans and of course, a big chunk of Democrats, who are all socially progressive BUT still use common sense while constructing a preferred policy list.

Trump does NOT necessarily appeal to this group, (a lot of his policies do) but this group is honest about what’s happening in America and what’s happening inside the Democratic Party.

I’ve written about this exhaustively but I want you to see this from Lapinski’s view, it’s different than mine, but similar enough in some keys areas as to be very interesting. I’ve linked two of his pieces together here, the first one he wrote right after the election — and is a landmark piece — the second is more recent and addresses the Antifa issue.

Here is the brilliant, young, and patriotic Trent Lapinski:

Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won

Trump Is What Happens When You Nominate A Cheater and Live In An Echo Chamber—

Please Learn From This

Did you read Wikileaks?

Well, you should have.

The “conspiracies” were true, and the mainstream media lied to you to about everything.

Wikileaks was not Russian propaganda, it was the news.

Wikileaks has a 10-year record of never releasing a single falsified document, and is not connected to Russia. Everything they released were the actual e-mails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. You had the opportunity to look through a window into the Hillary Clinton campaign, but you didn’t.

By ignoring the leaks, you ignored reality.

By not listening to your fellow Americans, and accusing them of being “conspiracy theorists” and trusting the corporate media, you ignored reality. By only following other liberals on social media, and only reading liberal or corporate news, once again ignoring reality. When Hillary Clinton was caught rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders, and Democrats nominated her anyway they ignored reality.

Everyone was simply insulating themselves within their own echo chamber ignoring anything outside their bubble.

The Media Lied To Us About EVERYTHING

If you’ve been following my Twitter or Facebook account during this 2016 election you probably would have thought I was a Trump supporter. However, I am a former registered Democrat, a Bernie supporter, and consider myself a progressive libertarian. This was the first election I ended up voting 3rd party, but my second choice was Trump. I simply could not vote for Hillary Clinton because of her mishandling of classified information, and stealing the nomination from the people’s choice Bernie Sanders.

Hillary never should have been nominated in the first place. The first clue was when she was under FBI investigation, and the second clue was when she rigged the primary elections.

In an attempt to inform my friends, family, and followers I posted dozens if not hundreds of Wikileaks e-mails, and tweeted alt-right news just as much as I did liberal news. I did this because most of my followers are liberals, and I realized they were all living in an echo chamber on social media where they were not being exposed to differing opinions or news. I was mostly rejected by liberals for doing this, they didn’t understand why I was sharing things that made them uncomfortable, but now they know why. Ironically, I got far more support from Trump supporters for trying to tell Democrats the truth. I wasn’t expecting that.

I took it upon myself to understand Trump, and his supporters. What I found was millions of great Americans who had been disenfranchised, normal people like you and I, who did not recover from the Great Recession. They’re pissed off about Obama Care, endless wars, trade deals that have killed jobs, higher taxes, a rigged economy–and, they are not wrong.

Had Democrats taken the concerns of average American seriously, especially the concerns of Millennials, they would have quickly realized Hillary Clinton was not the right nominee for the Democratic party in 2016.

Bernie Sanders Would Have Beat Trump

I 100% believe Bernie Sanders could have created a political revolution to beat Trump, but instead we’re getting Trump’s revolution.

The reason Hillary Clinton did not win this election is because she never should have been nominated in the first place. There was a better choice.

Democrats let Hillary hijack the DNC, and use her corporate money to push everyone around. Meanwhile, she used Correct The Record to poison the minds of people online into isolating themselves with paid Hillary trolls. Had Democrats paid attention to the leaks they would have seen the mountain of evidence that told the world that Hillary rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, and was illegally coordinating with Super PACs like CTR. She should have been disqualified. The evidence is on

Meanwhile, the media, and social media kept everyone ignorant and isolated from differing opinions. They lied to us, manipulated us, and made us think the rest of the country agreed with us, when they didn’t. They used their position of authority to mislead us into believing in a false reality—in propaganda.
This is the problem with America today, the technology that was supposed to bring us together actually isolated us into echo chambers and drove us further apart.

Getting the news from just your friends is a logical fallacy, you need to know your enemies, and realize they’re not much different from yourself.

There Is Good News

While you weren’t paying attention, Trump is actually a former Democrat. If you study his actual values he has far more in common with traditional moderate or liberal values than he does a traditional conservative. In fact, Trump may even be more liberal than Hillary Clinton on several issues.

The media prevented any kind of discussion on values, and instead focused on rhetoric and propaganda. So most Americans who immediately defaulted to what the media and Clinton campaign told them never took the time to actually get to know Donald Trump. They just watched the jokes on SNL, and corporate media blindly without considering other sources. While I’m still unsure about Trump myself, we at least know politically he’s actually a New York Democrat in Republican clothing (this is why the Republican establishment rejected him).

You also need to consider Donald Trump just overthrew a group of political elites who have been ruling this country for decades. He just beat the political establishment singlehandedly. No matter what you think about him personally, he just accomplished something historic to become our President.

At the end of the day, this is an opportunity to learn and grow and consider another world view. This is a wakeup call to get out of safe spaces, politically correct thinking, shatter echo chambers, and challenge yourself to consider the other side of the fence. This is an opportunity to reach out and truly learn to understand each other.

We all have to come together to solve any real problems with our country in the
next 4-years. This election was a lesson to consider all ideas equally, regardless of established authority.

We need to come together and move forward together.

That was an awesome piece — Trent Lapinski is very smart and his remarks excerpted below, and written just recently — should be read to every young person in America.

Some people in Antifa are teenagers or in their 20’s and 30’s and do not understand they’re marching under a communist flag. They’re merely following a herd mentality, and think just because Antifa opposes Trump that it is cool to join them. It isn’t logical, or rational for why people affiliate with mobs and follow herd mentalities.

You even admit you just heard of them a week ago, well I’ve been studying and following Antifa for a lot longer than you, and previous followed the Black Lives Matters movement, as well as Occupy. I’m also aware of Anonymous and follow many hacking collectives, and extremely well versed in Internet culture and anarchism (I would actually argue I personally have many anarchist beliefs although I am non-violent and believe in civil disobedience). One of Antifa’s strongholds is which has pretty much been taken over by the Antifa Alt-left, and no longer reflects true anarchism.

Antifa is arguably an offshoot of both BLM and Occupy, and again is not anything new. The fact you were not even aware of them until recently proves my point that the media has not been covering them honestly despite the fact they’ve been active in cities across the country and even in Europe shutting down free speech events for years now (they’re even more communist and violent in Europe). This group has been active for a very long time, and has had surges in popularity on and off since the 1980’s.

I follow many independent journalists who have documented Antifa using fireworks, clubs, bats, glass bottles, even rocks to assault hundreds of people including non-violent progressives, police officers, journalists, free speech advocates, neo-liberals, and every day conservatives. In Berkley, they attacked the Martin Luther King building with fireworks, and set fire to a generator after assaulting dozens of people for their political beliefs.

Have they also targeted and attacked a few Neo-Nazi groups, and white supremacists? Sure, but that doesn’t excuse violence towards everyone else. Authoritarian communists only care if you agree with them, and will label you a fascist and attack you if you disagree with them regardless of what your actual political beliefs are.

The CNN article you referenced has been edited, the original headline actually called for “peace through violence”. It is propaganda designed to normalize Antifa’s behavior, and rewrite history so the masses don’t become aware that Antifa is originally a communist and anarchist group. They’re softening history to try and paint Antifa as neutral or less evil than the Neo-Nazis (hint: communism has killed nearly 10:1 compared to the Nazism—they’re both bad).

That CNN article was also published after I wrote this, meaning I actually foresaw the narrative they were going for based on the propaganda I was seeing after Charlottesville, predicted it, and called them out before they doubled down on the “Antifa are just anti-Nazis” narrative. This narrative is a half truth at best, and is hiding the truth about who and what Antifa really are.
I’m not going to defend Neo-Nazis, but nor will I defend and normalize Antifa who are more than just anti-Nazi. They’re communists and anarchists and they don’t really give a shit what people like you and I believe and they will use violence against us if they disagree with us.

If you truly believe they are not a threat because CNN told you so, then you’re allowing your better judgment to be compromised by a corporation who does not have your best interests in mind and never did. They are trying to divide and conquer the people of America, and they’re normalizing political violence against humanity.

CNN, the Washington Post, HuffPo, and all the other media pushing this false narrative are wrong, and complicit in inciting political violence.

Wow. This of course, is exactly as I see it, either both Trent and I are crazy, OR, our Liberal friends are in mass hysteria aided and abetted by MSM collusion. Trump is frustrated by this, but if he’s patient, it will wear off. The hysteria has levels, they aren’t claiming he isn’t the President anymore. In a way, these impeachment calls are just another layer of the hysteria wearing itself out.

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