“Principled Realism”

“Principled Realism”

According to CNN (not much of a recommendation for veracity I’m afraid, but it’s all I could find) that’s what Paul Ryan sees in Trump after listening to the President’s remarks tonight about East Asia and Afghanistan.

Very Interesting. Attacking at exactly the right spot, he also carefully deflected blame off the President concerning Charlottesville, transitioning the idea about Trump being a racist into one about Trump mis-speaking, something I agree with, but Ryan did more cleverly than I did.

We are lucky to have Ryan in this country right now, in the job he’s in.

He may come off as a pompous little ass now and then – but — The President was right, he’s like a fine wine, it takes a while to develop a taste for him, but once you do, you start to see a persistence and integrity combination that mark great leaders. Lately Ryan is showing some 2D and/or 3D chess moves as well – dare I say it – Trump is rubbing off on the sometime/onetime? RINO.

Here’s a fake news report from the front lines, or, CNN reports:

(CNN) — House Speaker Paul Ryan said Monday he believed President Donald Trump “messed up” in his response to the recent racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, when he equated neo-Nazis and white supremacists with counterprotesters.

“I do believe that he messed up in his comments on Tuesday when it sounded like moral equivocation or at the very least moral ambiguity when we need extreme moral clarity,” Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper at a town hall in Racine, Wisconsin, referencing a news conference Trump had last week.

When asked by an audience member whether he would back censuring Trump, Ryan said he would not back such a measure, adding that the issue cannot devolve into a partisan fight. When asked how he reconciled the words and the actions of the current administration when talking to his children, Ryan said that he tries to lead by example.

Ryan says he wants this President to succeed.

“Do I wish there would be a little less tweeting? Of course I do,” he said.

Ryan, however, did praise the President’s plans on Afghanistan and said he was especially happy with how Trump came to his decision.

“I’m pleased with the decision,” Ryan said. “We cannot allow another safe haven for terrorists to materialize again.”

Ryan said that he believed he’d heard “principled realism” and a new “doctrine” Monday night from Trump.

Now if Ryan would just take a little time to fly around the building and visit with a few RINO Senators – and explain to THEM what happens next — during the mid term elections – if they don’t repeal and replace, pass tax reform, and figure out how to support their own POTUS.

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