Disinformation is a threat to our Democracy

Disinformation is a threat to our Democracy

I have friends, multiple, that have contacted me to violently contest my view of what happened in Charlottesville, and after each of these conversations had progressed to a certain point, all of these people ADMITTED, they had not seen the video’s – they were basing their opinion on what others told them happened!

It’s difficult to know what to say to stuff like that — because I did spend a lot of time looking at multiple different views, and watched multiple on-scene interviews, some during the protest. Plus read everything I could lay my hands on, before writing that piece.

I admit I don’t see that well anymore, (a long story, please excuse my typos) but I can see what’s on the TV or monitor in front of me (big screen) and there was just no doubt from what I saw – that every single thing the President said about the march, who was in it, and who was to blame – “both sides” – was entirely correct.

Here’s another viewpoint:

“A reporter for The New York Times, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, tweeted live from the event: “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.”

Ooops, that isn’t another viewpoint, is it? In fact, it’s exactly what I saw and what the President reported. To my liberal friends, if you think this left wing reporter is secretly a member of the Alt-Right, you’ve lost your common sense.

Stolberg tweeted that – because that is what she was looking at. Imagine how badly the NYT wants to lie to you, for their own staff person to tweet this, and then their coverage simply not reflect any of this data at all.

This is a much bigger problem than whatever your interpretation is of what Trump said, and I’m very sorry – that you my liberal friends — are somehow blind to all this.

The MSM is manipulating the news in this country every day and we Americans are allowing it. If we continue on this path, it will destroy our Democracy in my lifetime.

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