How to win re-election 101

How to win re-election 101

First: Make a promise people care about.

Then, KEEP that promise.

The Democrats cannot fathom why the white, uneducated voter has abandoned the Dim Party and I think it’s because they don’t read good.

Or at all? Anyway, the President made a promise to these people, AND has delivered, and I expect him to continue delivering — and that is doomsday for Pelosi and Schumer — who are looking more and more foolish day-by-Trump day.

This stuff below from Fox and Breitbart should scare the you-know-what out of those two Dim leaders, but I doubt either of them read Fox or Breibart.

Here’s the story, you’ll get the message, these blue collar construction types are going to be voting for Trump – again.

Fox News — “Half of the workers in construction in Texas are undocumented,” [Stan Marek, CEO of Marek Construction] said. “We do hear that there are a lot of undocumented workers that are leaving the state, going to other states that don’t have the anti-immigrant sentiment and many of them are going back to Mexico.”

Ted Wilson with Residential Strategies, Inc. has run the numbers. “We’ve seen direct construction costs climb by over 30 percent,” Wilson said, “and a lot of that is directly attributed to what builders are having to pay their subs and trades in wages.”

Meaning, with so few workers out there, construction companies have had to pay more to attract them, which adds to the cost of a home.

Or, another view:

Breitbart News — The big business lobby and CEOs have long criticized Trump’s immigration crackdown, primarily because their businesses have a direct interest in keeping the pipeline of low-skilled foreign workers coming to the U.S. to drive down the cost of American wages.

Trump’s most recent endorsement of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) RAISE Act, which would cut legal immigration in half in order to drive up the wages of U.S. workers, has shown a renewed commitment to the economic nationalist agenda that propelled his election.

Under the RAISE Act, overall legal immigration in the first year would be reduced by 41 percent and in 10 years, immigration would be reduced to 50 percent. It would also prioritize legal immigrants who can speak English and have skills needed for the current U.S. economy.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

The RINO’s and Dims don’t get this, that people would rather earn more than receive more government benefits. They just feel better about themselves. It’s ironic that Capitalism which is supposed to be cruel and heartless — makes people feel better about themselves — and socialism does the opposite.

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