American Liberalism’s Future

American Liberalism’s Future

My blog has 2 identities. The official face, my writings, here for the world to consume, and the email thread that accompanies each release, mostly populated by the Faithful Five and assorted quests, who carry out a private war over some interesting and related topics — and a bunch of other nonsense — that I never write about BUT sometimes use for idea generation. Now and then, I excerpt some of that thread for the blog itself and today is one of those days.

Dan is a dear friend, a longtime Dem Party activist and candidate, who I profoundly love BUT that also happens to think, politically, about as differently from me — as two people can – and still love and respect each other. My blog has been predicting the Trump surge for 2 or 3 years now (my electoral college prediction the night BEFORE was Trump with 304) and the coinciding collapse of the Democratic Party. I believe those predictions were based on sound reasoning and keen observation of the electorate. I also think it’s important to discuss the country’s future, the people doing this will be deciding it’s future.

In fact predicting what’s going to happen politically is a reason for this blog. I thought about presenting Dan’s letter to me this morning in bits and pieces and tearing each one apart with interspersed commentary as I am known to do — but I have decided that would not be fair to the work, so here in it’s entirety, without commercial interruption.

I’m calling it Dan’s missive on Liberalism and it’s future.

Dear Friends: Predicting the results of the 2018 off year elections and beyond is probably a fools game, but one that fascinates us. There are definitely forces at play that will decide the future direction our Country will take. In trying to analyze that direction there are certain “truths” that should be considered.

First: There is a certain “action-reaction” nature to American political history. Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and World War II and the resulting redefinition of the American presidency represented such a towering challenge to the political status quo that U.S. elections in my lifetime have largely been a reaction to that era. Today Americans either seek to affirm the direction of that era or try to roll it back, but the nature of our electoral process makes it nearly impossible for us to have a rational discussion about fundamental values and policies.

Second: We desperately need unifying leadership if we are going to continue to occupy our unique leadership roll in the World.

Third: It is impossible for us to find unifying leadership when roughly one half of our eligible voters choose to sit home on election day, where an Electoral College system can reward the loser of a national contest with the Presidency, and where vast amounts of money generally control the outcome of our elections.

No serious argument can be made that the current President has either the capacity or inclination to unify the Country. And having said that I have seen very little evidence to date of either the Republicans or my Party producing a “national unifier” in the near term. That is deeply discouraging to any serious student of politics.

I am still not certain what really happened in 2016.

Certainly, Trump supporters’ thirst for radical change did not include a desire to provide added tax cuts for the very wealthy, abandonment of the Paris Climate Accord, or the total dismantling of the ACA. I don’t think that they really wanted to build a multi-billion dollar wall along the Mexican border. I think that they were happy to vote for a candidate who would blacken the eye of the political “establishment.” It remains to be seen whether that will occur.

The immediate future of American politics and control of our government is now at play. The outcome will be shaped largely by forces over which average voters have very little control.

What will be the outcome of the Special Counsel’s investigation, and the two congressional investigations into Russian interference into our 2016 Election? I offer no prediction about that and counsel all of my friends not
to speculate about or even opine about a specific result.

Responsible Americans should now be about the business of informing themselves about matters that directly affect their lives. They should be organizing their arguments and conclusions in a rational and positive way so that sometime in the near future consensus and even unity can be achieved at the ballot box. The health and vitality of our Nation State will be measured by the size of the vote in coming elections. Haters and dividers will attempt to continue to sew division and mistrust among us. We should offer them the back of our hand.

Sincere regards, Dan Rupli

The big thing Dan is missing is Trump himself. He may not be the unifier Dan is looking for, but blue collar rank and file Dems like his message and that one fact can change politics in America more than any other I have seen in 30 years. I also do not intend to keep quiet about any of this, in particular the work of the IC and the grand jury. I’m a newspaper man, usually the one thing important people don’t want me to write about — is the thing one I’m driven to write about.

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2 Responses to American Liberalism’s Future

  1. merlintobie says:

    I’m a Trump supporter! I WANT the Wall, government out of health care entirely, out of spying on Americans, out of the pockets of lobbyists, and out of all climate change BS. In 2018, I will be a single issue voter: Yes on candidates that support PDJT, and no on those that don’t. Period.

    • karlspain says:

      If you read my blog, you know I support POTUS, but there two things going on right now, both parties are changing, the R because of Trump rising politically — and the evolution of the D party, negative at the moment — because of the failure of their POLICIES. I write about both sides of this and am interested in both narratives.

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