On the Great Jeff Sessions

On the Great Jeff Sessions

I got a question on the blog asking if Schumer’s capitulation on 65 of Trump’s appointments had anything to do with the Senates decision to block the President’s recess appointment power in the coming weeks.

And the answer is, no — that has to do with Jeff Sessions. It’s an interesting twist and I thought about a separate piece on it – but it’s a long explanation and I’m lazy so I went with sensational, the Schumer piece.

I’m going to really shorten this up. Jeff Sessions was a longtime Senator and Senator’s have rules, traditions, arcane little stuff that is super important to them although it seems silly to the rest of us. As a Senator, Sessions was one of the old guard that protected and followed these traditions, believing as it’s supporters do, that congeniality at this level leads to work product.

This year Sessions got abused by his own dear Senate, violated as it were, repeatedly, by other Senators rudeness and circumstances colliding. Sessions of course, did not react, but the rest of the Senate was horrified. Next, the President begins his assault on Sessions over his recusal on the Russia thing. The old guard reacted! The Senate owed Jeff, they were sorry, they like him, they trust him, no one is going to pee on him, even a President, he’s a Senator, we can abuse him — BUT no one else can – screw you.

So, they voted without dissent, to have a little minute or so meeting every few days over recess. Strange huh? This is a lesson; never mess with the Senate, because this little calendar move, again, by arcane rules, prevents the President from making a recess appointment over the recess. And since the Senate committee chair Trump would need to get a Senate confirmation on a new AG – has already told Trump he will not even hold a hearing to confirm anyone else — Sessions has now Trumped Trump.

I’m happy about this, I love Sessions; he’s off track on marijuana — BUT is a smart, ethical, hard-working man that has the American people and the U.S. constitution as his guiding stars. I respect Sessions and I rarely get to type that. I think Trump was brilliant to pick him and that it showed a lack of class to criticize him publicly the way he did. Apparently the entire Senate, even Cory Booker, surprise, surprise, agrees with me.

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