Schumer Surrenders

Schumer Surrenders

Everyday now I read the news with my mouth, literally hanging open as even stranger and stranger things unfold before me. Forget the soaps, Washington D.C. is the best show in the world right now.

Today, it was Senator Chuck Schumer’s turn to blow my mind. Schumer, who has made a complete fool of himself — and the Democratic Party — in recent months; WAS literally dragging his feet on EVERY Trump appointment. He was using Senate rules to force the confirmations through a tortured waiting process, and the technique was working, before today, he had choked off Trump’s appointments to such a low level, Trump is working with less than half the appointees than all modern presidents — at this comparable point in his presidency.

In a shock that forced an expletive out of me when I read about it, Schumer REVERSED course on this heinous obstructionist campaign. Not a small reversal either, Schumer capitulated and allowed a voice vote on 65 Trump appointments, without a single Democratic Senator dissenting.

The Democrats are in big trouble and I think they know it.

Trump played them like a fiddle. This vote is capitulation, a crushing defeat that makes Pelosi and Schumer look even more ridiculous. This obstructionist campaign was stupid, suicidal really — and I predicted it would end this way. I thought when the Republicans shut down the government and suffered at the ballot box for years — that the Dims — who orchestrated that event, understood it’s meaning, specifically that the American people will punish politicians that obstruct the functioning of government, not just Republicans that block it’s functioning.

The Dems need to stop fooling around and save their Party and the way to achieve that has only one path, compromise with the President on health care, tax reform and infrastructure. The lies and double talk, coupled with massive press manipulation will not work anymore; Trump has defanged them of these options, one by one. They are either going to actually participate in the function of governing on these important bill packages or get replaced soon.

Here’s The Washington Free Beacon with news of the earthquake.

BY: Kathryn Covert
August 3, 2017 5:21 pm

TWFB — The Senate confirmed 65 Trump administration nominees on Thursday afternoon, marking a significant change in Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D, N.Y.) previous efforts to stall the confirmation of several nominees.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Ky.) moved the nominations in a large package agreed to by a voice vote, indicating that no senators objected, the Washington Examiner reported.

The vote came on the final day before the August recess, a break that had already been delayed by McConnell in order to tackle the GOP’s “unfinished agenda.”

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