How the world knows Xi’s problem is Internal, Xi is telling us so…

How the world knows Xi’s problem is Internal, Xi is telling us so…

When people lie, even dictators and/or communist leaders, or leaders from places where contradictory data is either scarce or suppressed, sometimes you can see the lie right in the liars own statement — or the lack of logical continuity – without any data.

In this manner of thinking, Xi’s latest pronouncement is very telling, here from AFP is the lede:

BEIJING (AFP) – China will fiercely protect its sovereignty against “any people, organisation or political party”, President Xi Jinping warned Tuesday, as the country celebrated the 90th anniversary of its military, the People’s Liberation Army. The message comes as the ruling Communist Party faces political resistance in semi-autonomous Hong Kong, where many locals fear Beijing is tightening its grip, and in self-ruled Taiwan, which China views as a rebel province awaiting reunification.

The Asian giant is also mired in several bitter border disputes with its neighbours, including an ongoing stand-off with India over territory on China’s border with Bhutan.

“We will never allow any people, organisation or political party to split any part of Chinese territory out of the country at any time, in any form,” Xi told an audience of Communist Party officials and army officials gathered at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.

“No one should expect us to swallow the bitter fruit that is harmful to our sovereignty, security or development interests,” he said.

Notice the wording Xi uses: “We will never allow any and PEOPLE, ORGANIZATION or POLITICAL PARTY to split any part of Chinese territory OUT of the country at any time, in any form…”

Xi is not worried about being invaded and/or compromised by the U.S., or her allies; that would be the country, the nation, etc., Xi said PEOPLE, ORGANIZATION or POLITICAL PARTY. It’s like when a drunk beats up his wife and accuses her of stealing from the bank account and fooling around. This means for sure, those are the things he did this week.

Xi’s speech itself is a direct pointer to his real problems. There is, evidently, a large and powerful organization, within the Chinese people, that wants to form a second, or alternative, political party. And we now KNOW this because Xi himself, in this speech, told us so.

Xi then transitions to the part of the speech/lie meant to be persuasive, and here he adds fear-mongering, as an added technique, implying to his Chinese audience; that listening to these (Chinese) people that are organizing a new political party within China, would eventually lead to something treasonous most Chinese – in their hearts, fear — the breaking OUT of some Chinese territory.

Xi’s subconscious thinking broke through and betrayed his real fears in several ways in this speech. Notice he didn’t say anyone else was a threat to take or conquer territory, just that a threat exists. He said all this while admitting and/or bragging later in the speech about their enhanced ability to deal with outside threats. In Xi’s own words then, they are much stronger up against their external enemies, than they ever been before – RELATIVELY – nonetheless; Xi is MORE worried than ever. This logic lacks continuity.

It is true he is worried, of course, it’s just like the drunk — Xi just isn’t admitting what he’s really worried about in this case, that the threat is not external and that he isn’t the solution, he is the problem.

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