Democratic Confusion Spreads to Abortion

Democratic Confusion Spreads to Abortion

Wow. I thought the internal polling done by the Democrats was bad — but apparently it was way worse than I thought. Party leaders have gone from practically banning Democratic Party supported pro-life candidates (Hillary) to saying they have always welcomed them (Pelosi — the Great Liar), to a series of statements by Tom Perez so confusing and contradictory as to not bear repeating.

What’s up you might be asking, and so here is the secret.

Hillary lost because of a 5-minute segment during debate 3. The question was abortion and Hillary was not prepared. Polling data nationwide suggests the American people no longer support an unquestioned right to have late-term abortions, particularly after fetus viability is highly probable. The Dims are stuck in the past on this, still believe it’s the third rail politically, and SET THIS QUESTION UP to help Hillary, and finally kill Trump off. Talk about incompetency, Podesta isn’t just a criminal, he’s an idiot.

It blew up in her face badly of course (as I expected) and then Trump turned the issue on her brilliantly, which I did not expect — displaying real political genius. She defended sucking a baby that can live — out of the womb — and looked and sounded perfectly monstrous doing it. Trump simply said, without pointing to policy, position or a future legal position, but maybe a tear in his eye — how he would never agree with such a thing, it was murder of a baby.

Bingo! Trump hit the nail right on the head – simultaneously making her look like a murderous hag and cementing the Evangelicals (soft before that night) behind him. What Hillary did not get, and should have known at this late stage of a campaign, and maybe Trump himself didn’t realize, was that this issue isn’t a loser anymore beyond the religious right. Many middle of the road Dems don’t think it’s Ok to kill a baby in the 7th, 8th or 9th month either.

Millions of Americans have thought about this for decades now, and have concluded, quite logically, they can still support a women’s right to control her body, but not past 20 or so weeks, when the rights of the unborn baby, now outweigh the rights of the mother.

Trump needed every one of those extra votes in the swing states and Hillary handed them to him. Abortion is a topic that galvanizes people, motivates them, forces them to action. Recently, that passion has flipped on the Dems, costing them votes they traditionally inspired with all that control-your-own-body nonsense. Not mentioning the other “body” in the equation was always a lie, destined to backfire. I will admit, it took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would.

Now, Pelosi has seen the polling numbers and knows the hard truth, either change the Party position or face extinction. This will not be easy for her or for the old guard that cut their teeth on grabbing power — simply through demonizing decent politicians that did not support killing babies. What will she do now?

I predict very soon, Pelosi will change her mind about clinging to power. She’s as ruthless as ever of course, that has not changed, but how long will she want to stay in power — as she herself — has to craft new policy positions; that contradict her lifelong held, most dear and cherished positions?

The “Mayor’s Daughter” has never, ever, had to do something like this before, even remotely, and I think she will find it so unpleasant — even retirement will look good.


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