Trump Math

Trump Math

I think a lot of people misunderstand Trump because they see the world through a false perspective, one that ignores math, in this case, Trump math.

In the fake world, the 2 political parties are everything, a 50/50 split conceptually. Accordingly the news media devote 99% of their total political and news coverage to JUST these two parties — and the leaders of these two parties act like they are the entire universe. Inside this bubble, the Democrats, receive about 75% of the total MSM coverage, mostly favorable, and the 25% left to the Republicans, is mostly negative.

This imbalance is mostly demographic, the big news outfits cover cities, are physically located in cities, use staff/writers living in those cities, and rely on city viewers for ratings – and city viewers are overwhelmingly Democratic. Not as much of a conspiracy then — as much as a mathematically predetermined economic truth.

In Trump’s head, this political split, and voting split, and resulting power split — is not 50/50 like people think — the Democrats are only 30% of the electorate, so they can be attacked on Terrorism, Jobs, the Economy and social stupidity — if the rest of his math holds. His rhetorical war here then is purposeful, carefully planned, he wants to convert a percentage (only 4% or 5%) of the disaffected in the Dim base, because this gives him 1% toward his national total, the missing 1% — and he know he needs fire in his message to reach this critical margin group.

Also, the harder Trump fights to expose the Dim machine, the more Dims – who are unconvertible – simply stay home on election day, don’t donate to the Party as usual, and have fallen out of touch with the D Party in general. Trump picks up 1% nationally by converting Disaffected Dims, and another 1% BY suppressing Dim support.

Trump is a Republican because he had to be something, and that was the nearest he could get to his unorthodox platform. Nevertheless, Republicans voted 90-10 for him. But the Party establishment, the old guard, does not recognize this. They don’t see coattails, but IED’s. They figure their vote count was higher than his (true), so he is a drag on their electability. This is false math because the electorate did not EXPECT him to win, a lot of those — Keep the House and Senate in opposition hands — votes would have reversed — if they expected a Trump win.

House and Senate Republicans live in Dreamworld. They compete in gerrymandered districts and do not understand the broad electorate Trump sees. As a result, Republicans are only 25% of the electorate, so even with support in the low 90% percentile, which Trump received; this only equals 23% of the electorate. Trump understands what Romney and the old guard do not. To get to his electoral victory, a ruling majority, and enough public support to keep his agenda moving, Trump needs 66% — or 2/3 of the Independents — to back him. Fortunately for him, this has happened so far.

This Trump math works, because contrary to popular belief, and any real coverage in the MSM, Independents are now 40% of the electorate. Stunning number, eh?

So, guess what 2/3’s of that 40% turns out to be? That’s right, the nearly 27% Trump needs to put together with the 23% R votes — to reach his razor thin 50.1% majority electoral, political and party advantage. Trump math says this group of Independent supporters behind him is BIGGER in real numbers than the traditional Republican group, more enthusiastic about him and his agenda, and is likely to vote for him again.

This group also hates the MSM, distrusts the news they broadcast, and loves the social news network as an alternative. Trump tweeting is the most successful use of this alternative medium ever demonstrated. Trump doesn’t talk like any President we are used to, he doesn’t use the same medium, he isn’t talking to who we think he is, and the resulting confusion has everybody upset. But Trump’s math is sound. The Independent’s don’t have a voice in the national media, but they have concerns, and Trump is addressing them.

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20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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