Even the Washington Post is Aware they were duped

Even the Washington Post is Aware they were duped

It’s a filthy leftist lying rag that helped along the biggest example of election fraud in U.S. history but even the WaPo is slowly waking up to fact they were duped.

Ed Rogers is an Op-Ed writer BUT they choose to run this. This is from today’s column, first, he throws in the towel:

Washington Post — Democrats and their allies in the media have exhausted themselves building a scandalous narrative surrounding the Russian lawyer meeting, but according to Kushner, the meeting was so useless that he “actually emailed an assistant from the meeting after [he] had been there for ten or so minutes and wrote ‘Can u pls call me on my cell? Need excuse to get out of meeting.”’

Maybe the collusion didn’t take very long, or maybe he realized what the lawyer had to say was a useless farce and he wanted to get on with his day. Much to the dismay of Trump’s haters, Kushner’s account of events even further proves just how far the media has stretched the collusion story.

When the campaign received an official note of congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin the day after the election, Kushner had to send Dimitri Simes of the Center for the National Interest an email asking for the name of the Russian ambassador so that he could reach out and confirm the message’s authenticity.

So, that’s that. If you can’t remember your handler’s name, you can’t be guilty of nefariously colluding with that person. How much collusion could Kushner have possibly done with someone whom he had so little communication with that he could not remember his name and did not know how to contact him?

Rogers is admitting, that now Trump AND his son are clean. What about the others? Rogers goes on:

Sure, there are others still in the crosshairs of the collusion-hunters, but Kushner has been the biggest target if for no other reason than he is the only one serving in the White House. Paul Manafort is a private citizen, and he departed the campaign before the general election campaign really started. Donald Trump Jr. is implicated only in the one ill-advised and now-shown-to-be-pointless encounter with a few gadflies. The media can knock itself out trying to find some left-behind paperwork or some other scrap to hang onto, but the dead end is in sight. The quest for collusion is crumbling.

This is in a newspaper that has written thousands of words alluding collusion, with almost no balance whatsoever. Don’t worry, this isn’t a Mea Culpa, what Rogers does next is pure Dim Party evil spinning, on a grand scale, even if Rogers worked the other side of the aisle.

With the Democrats and their allies in the media beginning to walk away from the collusion story, the single biggest thing keeping this story alive is the president’s obsession with it. No doubt the issue will continue to be irresistible to some of Trump’s haters. Some will never believe the truth, no matter what else is revealed. But if Democrats and the president’s worst enemies can begin to silently acknowledge the obvious and move on, perhaps Trump can, too.

This is double slap, two lies twisted together into one — Trump is at fault for keeping it alive AND he should quietly walk away from this attempt to suborn the U.S. constitution because Ed Rogers at the Washington Post says so. Draining this swamp means fighting the old guard in both parties.

Rogers is a smart man. Where is the Rest of the article? — you HAVE to ask yourself. Does he think Fusion, the unmasking, the Awan brothers, the DNC server mess, and the Hillary primary cover-up are just all coincidence? This isn’t going to go away quickly or quietly and it doesn’t have anything to do with Trump, oddly.

It’s going to be with us for a while because a large number of high ranking Democrats and their aides broke important laws, apparently hundreds of times, and left a trail as wide and muddy as the Mississippi, but a trail none-the-less.

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