Democratic Cover-Up Crashing Down

Democratic Cover-Up Crashing Down

Read this piece below and remember as you are reading it – it is not from the INTERNET, but the WSJ. Strassel would never go out this far — and for that matter neither would Chuck Grassley — if there was not a huge amount of fire about to erupt under the Democratic/Hillary cover-up of 3 big things.

The FIRST OF THE THREE, was the Clinton Foundation, which was a criminal scheme from the get go. An investigation here will yield a massive amount of fraud, coercion, abuse of office and public trust, bribery and the sale of influence, probably a Billion dollars worth. I put the email scandal under the Clinton Foundation scandal because I believe she purposely set up that server, knowing the deals she was doing as Secretary of State, on behalf of the Foundation and Bill — could not be on a State server.

THE SECOND, Benghazi, was dereliction of duty followed by a cover-up. The video story was a fraud, they knew it was a fraud, they just made up the video story to get past an election they had already won. It’s Nixon all over again.

Which brings us to her final and biggest crime, rigging a presidential primary. The Russia scandal goes under this heading for me, because Obama and Hillary, invented the Russian influence angle, and used the nations intelligence agencies as tools to verify and spread the story – to knock out Trump the way they had knocked out Sanders.

I’ve been writing about all this for YEARS because most of the facts supporting these allegations have been around that long. Soon, however, it will come out under oath.

Here is Kimberley A. Strassel from the Wall Street Journal:

WSJ — It has been 10 days since Democrats received the glorious news that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley would require Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort to explain their meeting with Russian operators at Trump Tower last year. The left was salivating at the prospect of watching two Trump insiders being grilled about Russian “collusion” under the klieg lights.

Yet Democrats now have meekly and noiselessly retreated, agreeing to let both men speak to the committee in private. Why would they so suddenly be willing to let go of this moment of political opportunity?

Fusion GPS. That’s the oppo-research outfit behind the infamous and discredited “Trump dossier,” ginned up by a former British spook. Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson also was supposed to testify at the Grassley hearing, where he might have been asked in public to reveal who hired him to put together the hit job on Mr. Trump, which was based largely on anonymous Russian sources. Turns out Democrats are willing to give up just about anything—including their Manafort moment—to protect Mr. Simpson from having to answer that question.

The hypocrisy of this is not lost on the American voter — even the Dim faithful know something is rotten in Denmark.

What if, all this time, Washington and the media have had the Russia collusion story backward? What if it wasn’t the Trump campaign playing footsie with the Vladimir Putin regime, but Democrats? The more we learn about Fusion, the more this seems a possibility.

Blockbuster paragraph that one, for a MSM publication, it’s a seismic shift. Why did she get this bold? Read on:

We know Fusion is a for-hire political outfit, paid to dig up dirt on targets. This column first outed Fusion in 2012, detailing its efforts to tar a Mitt Romney donor. At the time Fusion insisted that the donor was “a legitimate subject of public records research.”

Mr. Grassley’s call for testimony has uncovered more such stories. Thor Halvorssen, a prominent human-rights activist, has submitted sworn testimony outlining a Fusion attempt to undercut his investigation of Venezuelan corruption. Mr. Halvorssen claims Fusion “devised smear campaigns, prepared dossiers containing false information,” and “carefully placed slanderous news items” to malign him and his activity.

William Browder, a banker who has worked to expose Mr. Putin’s crimes, testified to the Grassley committee on Thursday that he was the target of a similar campaign, saying that Fusion “spread false information” about him and his efforts. Fusion has admitted it was hired by a law firm representing a Russian company called Prevezon.

Prevezon employed one of the Russian operators who were at Trump Tower last year. The other Russian who attended that meeting, Rinat Akhmetshin, is a former Soviet counterintelligence officer. He has acknowledged in court documents that he makes his career out of opposition research, the same work Fusion does. And that he’s often hired by Kremlin-connected Russians to smear opponents.

So far, so good, here come the fireworks!

We know that at the exact time Fusion was working with the Russians, the firm had also hired a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to dig up dirt on Mr. Trump. Mr. Steele compiled his material, according to his memos, based on allegations from unnamed Kremlin insiders and other Russians. Many of the claims sound eerily similar to the sort of “oppo” Mr. Akhmetshin peddled.

We know that Mr. Simpson is tight with Democrats.

His current attorney, Joshua Levy, used to work in Congress as counsel to no less than Chuck Schumer.

We know from a Grassley letter that Fusion has in the past sheltered its clients’ true identities by filtering money through law firms or shell companies (Bean LLC and Kernel LLC).

Word is Mr. Simpson has made clear he will appear for a voluntary committee interview only if he is not specifically asked who hired him to dig dirt on Mr. Trump. Democrats are going to the mat for him over that demand. Those on the Judiciary Committee pointedly did not sign letters in which Mr. Grassley demanded that Fusion reveal who hired it.
Here’s a thought: What if it was the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton’s campaign?


What if that money flowed from a political entity on the left, to a private law firm, to Fusion, to a British spook, and then to Russian sources? Moreover, what if those Kremlin-tied sources already knew about this dirt-digging, tipped off by Mr. Akhmetshin? What if they specifically made up claims to dupe Mr. Steele, to trick him into writing this dossier?

THE KEY SENTENCE HERE — “Word is Mr. Simpson has made clear he will appear for a voluntary committee interview only if he is not specifically asked who hired him to dig dirt on Mr. Trump. Democrats are going to the mat for him over that demand. Those on the Judiciary Committee pointedly did not sign letters in which Mr. Grassley demanded that Fusion reveal who hired it.”


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