The Dirty 3 Dozen

The Dirty 3 Dozen

The Awan brothers did IT work for Congressional staffer Debbie Wassermann Shultz first, and then 35 other Democratic House members. Problem is, these guys are under investigation by the House Cops for a long list of crimes, the D.C. cops are in on this –and of course, we have no answers because they fled to Pakistan. 

It’s believed that in addition to stealing info from the HOUSE COMPUTER SYSTEM these guys were black mailing representatives, and even their staffs!

Wasserman Shultz, rather than cooperate with the police — actually dressed down a police chief, on camera, for not returning a laptop stolen by the Awan brothers, hidden on the Congressional campus and then recovered by the police. Recently she has actually used a form of congressional privilege — to BLOCK the police in their effort to recover any data from that laptop.

Wasserman Shultz is a treasonous bitch.

Here are the names of the Democrats Dirty 36, from the Daily Caller, the elected officials who employed the Awan brothers to do IT work on the hill for them, paid them $4 million, and now are REFUSING to work with their own government (which they swore an oath to uphold), to help prosecute these guys. Shame, shame, shame!






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