Just HOW Crazy is the Left?

Just HOW Crazy is the Left?

A new poll shows Hillary Clinton is even less popular than Trump and less popular then when she ran for President. This is highly unusual; losers usually get a sympathy bounce.

The HuffPost analysis of this was hysterical. I literally laughed out loud when I read this.

HuffPost — The Bloomberg poll didn’t get into reasons for Clinton’s decline in favorability. But there is, of course, one thing that sets her apart from the pack of failed candidates: Clinton is a woman.

In follow-up interviews, Bloomberg poll respondents said their negative feelings about Clinton had nothing to do with her loss. Instead, they emphasized how unlikable they consider Clinton ― echoing the opinions of many voters during the 2016 campaign.

“She did not feel authentic or genuine to me,” Chris Leininger, 29, an insurance agent from Fountain Valley, California, told Bloomberg. “She was hard to like.”

That’s neither an unusual nor a surprising sentiment. Women with strong ambitions and opinions typically take a likability hit, Colleen Ammerman, director of Harvard Business School’s Gender Initiative, told HuffPost.

So, America is unhappy with Hillary because she’s a woman, that’s the Left’s new narrative. Talk about denial.

Being a woman is the only likable thing remaining about Hillary.

Aside from all her multiple crimes against others there is one thing in particular she has done — I think — that has made her unpopular with the public; and that thing was her conspiracy to rig the primary. Even people with no sympathy for Sanders or his political views, know 2 facts to be proven by now.

The first damning fact, demonstrated by the Wiki dumps, is that the DNC, CNN, and Hillary campaign officials all conspired to deny Sanders a fair primary. The second is that this effort was so extensive; it also violates the DNC charter and a number of electioneering laws. That’s what the lawsuit against the DNC is all about, how legally inappropriate that manipulation was.

The women’s movement should abandon this narrative and this candidate. When all is known about her — being allied to her — will hurt women candidates for years, not help them. There are plenty of honest, smart, exciting female leaders waiting in the wings to take the national stage, the women’s movement should spotlight them, not Hillary the criminal or Linda Sarsour, the Islamic apologist, who supports Sharia Law for the US.


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