What to do about North Korea

What to do about North Korea

Nobody is going to like this suggestion, in particular not Donald Trump, but I say pretend Kim already has a long range ICBM and forgo any direct military options anyway.

Trade off the obvious political need to do something into an accelerated and aggressive building campaign to defend the region and the west coast plus Hawaii, with a series of strengthened Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems throughout South Korea — to the extent they will allow it; and Japan — to the extent they will allow it.

In both cases, in the oceans surrounding Korea and Japan — we can supplement and augment our western US chain of missile defense systems with more systems at sea. The second prong of our sea defense will be a plan to lease the Japanese a Ford class super carrier and lease another one to the Australians as well. They can train on and man them with their own seamen and air wings under a joint operation of nuclear weapons force agreement. These force re-alignments, done under the guise of response to a crazy man, will leave us strong enough financially to build the Ohio class boomer subs, a necessary extension of our nuclear triad. Additionally, this leaves the Asia region, and our allies in it, with more firepower, not less.

China may have leverage or not, it doesn’t matter anymore; we need to treat their intentions in this matter anyway, as assertive. So, THAAD to its highest power configuration as a starter, and we then need to look at the unoccupied islands Japan and China jointly claim for bases and of course, missile defense radar and launch systems.

We should encourage the Japanese to occupy those islands and then sign a joint military base operation agreement with the US, giving us the right to make unilateral military improvements to the islands. They would be a nice place for us to set up anti-missile batteries aimed at North Korea and forward airstrips with hidden jet bunkers, if this would fit. We will need all this and more in Asia eventually anyway, this NK ICBM scare is as good a reason as any to get it done. It’s like this nut job works for Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

War is expensive. Strength is cash flow positive.

Kim cannot be deterred but that does NOT mean it’s safer to attack him. On the contrary the geopolitical, human, famine, unintended consequences and Chinese ramifications alone from getting involved there militarily in any form — make this more dangerous than a few more ICBM’s in the world. However, we can and should start shooting down every ICBM missile test and/or launch they perform. It’s good practice.

I would also make it clear to the Chinese that their aspirations to make the Chinese Yuan a fully convertible world currency depend upon US cooperation and that we cannot allow that to happen if they continue to be the state sponsor of a madman, who is building ICBM’s, tipped with nukes, while his own people starve to death.

The US and South Korea have made every type of attempt imaginable to engage this NK regime in dialogue and have gotten the middle finger. Forget diplomacy then, and arm defensively as if we will need to fully defend from his weapons, and move on. This will be bad news for NK and bad for China, but will not start a world war.

China is particular is more susceptible to world pressure and sanctions then ever, AND as their growth rate declines even further, which both Harvard and I now agree is below 5%, they will be even more so. Also, despite all the China talk about North Korea, it’s Russian missile technology the NK technicians are using. That SCUD NK launched the other day wasn’t a homemade look-a-like SCUD; it actually was a Russian SCUD. I think the SCUD in fact, is one stage of the NK ICBM setup.

So if Trump could just get the Russians to cooperate on North Korea…

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