Obama split 6 tribes of Jews at least, from The Democratic Base

Obama split 6 tribes of Jews at least, from The Democratic Base

I have been writing for years about what a disaster Obama’s policies were for the Jews in the Democratic Party and I believe I was accurate. This piece from the Daily Caller explains it — as well as I did – but from a different perspective.

Jewish Democrats Face Irrelevance
Posted By David Benkof 07/04/2017

This week, Jewish Democrats hurdled toward irrelevance as a force in American politics, and they don’t even know it yet.

A few days ago, Israel found it could no longer sustain its longstanding pretense of esteem for American streams of Judaism. (The flashpoint was worship at Israel’s revered Kotel, or Western Wall.) In response, liberal segments of American Jewry have begun actualizing threats to withhold financial and political support for Israel unless it extends them veto power over its democratically determined religious policies.

There is a problem, but I think he is off the mark on what it is.

Think about it: American Jews are overwhelmingly Democrats, and both Congress and the White House are run by staunchly pro-Israel Republicans. Why, exactly, does Israel need the political support of liberal American Jews right now?

If he meant the question it would be an important change in point of view. But alas, he does not, read on:

Jewish Democrats abandon Israel at their own peril, because if they do they will be no more relevant as a force in Democratic politics than red-headed Democrats or Democrats born in October. Though their party has been hurling leftward, including regarding Israel, Jewish Democrats have been a moderating force. Without them, Obama’s Iran deal would have been even more disastrous to the Jewish state. Similarly, Jewish party members helped the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform committee defeat (albeit in a close vote) a plank that condemned the Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank.

This was the red meat and it fails the test.

Obama’s Iran Deal could not have been worse for Israel, no deal was definitely a better option, ask Netanyahu.

The defeat of the Party plank was a hollow victory, Obama and Kerry stabbed Israel in the back and supported a UN resolution anyway — condemning the west bank “occupations”.

But if Jewish Democrats become indifferent or hostile to Israel’s needs, what else will distinguish them? Their credibility on matters of prejudice has been shaken by their hyperbole that President Trump “fosters” anti-Semitism. Their opposition to school choice means they have sided with Democratic teachers’ union bigwigs over parents trying to affordably raise their children with Jewish values.

To matter in Democratic politics, American Jews would need a distinct ideological framework regarding issues like the environment, poverty, immigration, and health care. And they do have one – but it’s the same as the party as a whole.

More BS here, Jewish community values in the US in recent decades — line up with Republican values a LOT more than they do with Democrats. The Jewish elite will just have to get over — holding their noses — while dealing with Republicans.

Unless American Jews capitulate in the current conflict with Israel and reaffirm their commitment to protecting its interests, the Democrat Party will have few remaining barriers in its leftward rush on Middle Eastern issues. Young Democrats in particular have begun to cement Palestinian rights within their “social justice” platforms, and stalwart pro-Israel voices in the party like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer increasingly have to share the stage with more hostile figures like Cornel West, Keith Ellison, and Linda Sarsour.

Translation, most young Jews are smart enough to know Linda Sarsour and Keith Ellison, both have a religious obligation — to slaughter them — and Cornel West is yesterdays news. Israel is not the problem for young Jews, a Democratic Party friendly to Israel’s enemies is.

A Democratic Party hostile to Israel is also a problem, not to this liberal apologist Benkof, but to sensible American Jews, it’s a problem..

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1 Response to Obama split 6 tribes of Jews at least, from The Democratic Base

  1. DAVID BENKOF says:

    Really weird that somehow I’m a “liberal apologist” because of my article in the very conservative Daily Caller in which I savage today’s Jewish Democrats and warn of their increasing irrelevance if they don’t sharply change direction.

    Maybe a reading comprehension problem on the author’s part?

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