China attempts to undo Hong Kong “Historical” Joint Declaration Because they are cowards

China attempts to undo Hong Kong “Historical” Joint Declaration
Because they are cowards

China better watch out. If the U.S. and other countries start ignoring historic declarations between China, and others, the way the Chinese do – China will be on the losing end. This was not Xi saying this garbage below about sovereignty, but still, its more bad news for the Democracy movement in China, which Xi plans to suppress, rather than accommodate. Every move he makes, the economy reacts badly too, why doesn’t Xi, a very smart man, see it? Chine must liberalize her censorship and control mechanisms, and then and only then, will they get fast growth again.

China also needs a second Party. The communist Chinese can keep an eye on it, but they need an alternative redress mechanism politically or they will never grow past being a huge country with one side doing well, which then uses it’s wealth to support the other side composed mostly of the SOE’s. This is a political problem and requires a political solution, which a second political party would help with, not hinder.

All the bullshit China is doing from North Korea double-dealing to the South Sea Island problem — which is really a problem — to the trade dumping nonsense, it could all go away if China had the stomach to have a second political party. They haven’t done it because they are afraid of change. The communists aren’t strong enough to handle it and they know it.

BEIJING (AFP) – In the midst of celebrations marking 20 years since Britain returned Hong Kong to China, Beijing declared that the document which initiated the handover “is no longer relevant.” The remarks on Friday came a day after UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson stressed Britain’s commitment to the historic Sino-Britain Joint Declaration, which gave Hong Kong rights unseen on the mainland through a “one country, two systems” agreement.

The U.S. State Department also said Thursday that the US “remains concerned about any infringement of civil liberties in Hong Kong,” and expressed support for the “further development of Hong Kong’s democratic systems.”
In response to the US and UK statements, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang detailed Hong Kong’s “comprehensive achievements with the support of the central government and mainland.”

Citing Hong Kong’s low unemployment rate and free economy during a regular press briefing Friday, Lu said: “Now Hong Kong has returned to China for almost two decades and this communique is a historical document.”
“It’s no longer relevant,” Lu said, “and the UK has no sovereignty, governing power or the right to supervision over Hong Kong.”
Chinese President Xi Jinping, who arrived in Hong Kong on Thursday to lead handover anniversary celebrations, has said that he wanted to ensure the continuation of the “one country, two systems” set-up.
Xi’s three-day visit comes three years after “Umbrella Movement” protesters crippled the city for months as they camped out on thoroughfares, calling for reforms and the protection of Hong Kong’s unique status.

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