Nikki Haley is a Professional

Nikki Haley is a Professional

Gregory Meeks is an ass. I can say that because I know him personally. He got his start in Prince Georges County while I published a newspaper there, and he was a Dim Party bootlick then, and is still a party bootlick gauging by his questions. He spent ALL — his question minutes this morning — trying to attack the President through his “questions” ostensibly directed at Haley.

Meeks tried to state that the standing of the United States has declined because of Trump, and Haley was wonderful with her response, stressing the victories the president has already had with a laundry list of countries. She glowed as she spoke and then ended with an invitation for Meeks to come up to NYC and see her work at the U.N. She’s so gracious it brought tears to my eyes.

What a superstar. I would have blown a fuse and told Meeks what an ass he is. His suggestion the Obama foreign policy legacy was anything but a disaster – is a laughable lie. Haley handled it much better than I would have.

She pointed out specifically how hard Trump has worked — he’s been the energizer bunny mending fences with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, every GCC country, Egypt, Israel, the list goes on and on, the only countries unhappy with Trump are Mexico and Cuba.

Cuba is a communist dictatorship with a microscopic economy. I didn’t disagree with Obama’s opening because both Castro’s were very old and better to have agents on the ground, in Cuba, there when the new government arrives, but I see Trump’s point also.

Mexico is getting an unfair 17% differential on all trade goods under NAFTA, until renegotiated, and then we have The Wall. I don’t expect Trump to be popular in Mexico.

Haley is the strongest voice in the administration. This tiny woman surrounded by all these towering alpha males – and she grabs the spotlight every time. Haley is honesty combined with southern grace and charm. She clearly can vocalize a vision that balances the needs of women, the needs of a budget, the needs of accountability and the responsibility of representing the American people.

When she speaks, people believe her, they believe she has done her homework and believe she is a smart woman. She is very loyal to the president — and it is a credit to his personal leadership — that has put this wonderful woman on the national stage.

The Democrats attacking Haley don’t get it. They are making 5 unfavorable impressions with the public — for every favorable they register while swinging at her. Democratic Party Suicide continues at every level and at this level, with this superstar Haley, it’s crazy stupid.

To be fair, the smarter Democrats treated her with respect and indicated they were willing to work with her, and even wished her well and even a sincere “good luck.” Gerry Connolly was not one of those and was also an ass to Haley. Unfortunately, (this makes me look like a jinx), I can say this because I also know him. In addition to publishing newspapers in Maryland, I published some in Virginia, where Connolly also came up through local politics. I always thought he was the most comically overwrought and false sympathizer that it must be obvious, but apparently Dim voters have no bullshit meter. Connolly hasn’t changed a bit.

When the questions aimed at Haley turned to Israel and the Middle East, she was strongest, walking a fine line between support for our ally and respect for our enemies. Amazingly, she sees hope and opportunity in almost every situation — and backed up her feelings with facts, facts, and personal observations which display her vast breadth of knowledge and connections.

I see a superstar like Haley, or Heidi Heitkamp on the other side of the aisle, and I’m sure we’ll have a female president soon, I just thank god, it wasn’t Hillary.


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