The Big Bang singularity is indistinguishable from an Act of Creation — Spain vs Hawking, or Hawking’s Error

Hawking gets this part below wrong. And he knows it. The universe has stages, an absolute zero state stage (pre Big Bang by Hawking’s telling). This has always existed and still does, at the center of every atom. Then there is a NON-conscious pre Big Bang state, which is really just kind of a vibration, driven by Quantum Mechanics, this state reaches order  — every “Cycle”, a state which occurs because of something called the Minimum Execution Order, like a timer on how long the conscious dimension or meta-physical dimension can remain NOT in existence. This is the result of a Quantum rule, which is really an ANTI rule, in other words, in this state since there is no consciousness and no order, some things are demanded by Quantum, like a cyclical flash to order.

This then creates a non-conscious pattern, which the universe flashes to order in. This creates stage 2, or a perfect sphere, a step by step consequence of Potential splitting the universe with Time, which is another unconscious act in this stage. Time then is the possibility of a 1, but we would see this as the existence of a 1 and the simultaneous possibility of a negative 1. Hence, Dr. John Conways’ Free Will Theorem. This creates temporarily, the possibility of something other than the Absolute Zero. This is Hawking’s Big Bang and it occurs inside every atom, everyday, billions of times per second. This stage creates the first metaphysical dimension with consciousness, which is a perfect sphere (also in every atom) along an absolute zero axis. This BECOMING is governed by the Special Laws of Relativity, which is conscious but does NOT have an opposing POV, until it flashes into the EMF fields, creating matter, energy, gravity and/or momentum from this pre consciousness pattern. Aligned on the absolute zero axis, this NEAR ZERO consciousness shares our POV and has it’s own. All these stages are inside all matter in the universe at all times, as the absolute stage at the bottom, like an incoherent trash can, the information age-off occurring inside the sphere, disappears into. This by the way, solves Hawking’s information paradox concerning black holes, since they ALL share the consciousness of the sphere.

Another way of saying this — is that the Big Bang (and a black hole) is occurring constantly inside all matter, all the time, this is what Hawking, and Conway, are missing.

Even a singularity must follow some laws. It is disingenuous of physicists and cosmologists to claim that the laws of physics break down at the Big Bang singularity and not address which or whose laws apply at the singularity.

via The Big Bang singularity is indistinguishable from an Act of Creation — The k2p blog

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