I, President Trump — come before you the American people, and the combined Congress tonight, — after less than a year in office as your president — to ask for a declaration of war.

Even though I have spoken often, and openly, on the stump, and since arriving here in Washington — about the need to confront this Islamic Terrorist threat with the full force of American military strength, this is still a difficult and solemn decision.

I feel that way because I understand how tolerant the American people are, how vitally interested they are in moving the country, and by extension, the world forward, toward peaceful and cooperative arrangements where all the people of the world, regardless of race, color, nationality or religion, can live together, work together, communicate across oceans and cultures, building a better world for our children and grandchildren. This is the American heart, and it is not a heart of hatred.

Let me also say what my heart tells me from a lifetime of experience — The American people are not a war-like people.

The American people dislike war.

And they don’t easily tolerate American involvement in war, meaning they generally punish Presidents like myself, who either engage in conflicts and/or expand them. I know they feel this way because they will tolerate pain, even some deaths, and a lot of financial hardship to avoid making the war commitment.

Even the great Franklin D. Roosevelt, simply couldn’t get America away from her deep and traditional fear of foreign involvement and speed America’s entry into an exploding world war — against an obviously true evil — until after Pearl Harbor.

Roosevelt understood this primal isolationist streak in the American people, it’s why he ran on a peace platform, while simultaneously crafting Lend-Lease, and also blocking oil and scrap metal shipments to Japan; actions he knew full well would probably suck our country into that conflict.

A balancing act like President Roosevelt’s is necessary here in the U.S. because the will of the American people is an all-powerful force, even while vacillating. Some people will mistakenly construe that remark, after this broadcast, as me blaming the electorate. That would be false, as much of what is written about this administration is.

The electorate, as I am, are torn over the correct path forward, whenever it involves war. This is more than a fear of death for American service men and women; it’s reluctance to use the power of force over other cultures that is rooted in respect for those cultures. But the American people are willing to make that commitment, when the circumstances warrant it, and unfortunately, right now, the circumstances undeniably warrant it.

American free will is a force that drives decisions here at home, which in turn drive world events, for better or worse. That’s the part some foreign leaders, most of my political opponents and even a percentage of the general population don’t get. Just because there are stupid swaggering bullies who regularly appear in the media here — wearing the stars and stripes and calling for war — doesn’t mean the vast majority of Americans think like that or that I do.

If bombs were not exploding in the streets and cars weren’t driving into crowds everyday — while missiles are dropping into the Sea of Japan on a weekly basis, I couldn’t and wouldn’t be standing here talking to you the American people about this.

But those things are happening. Hundreds of Thousands have died from the scourge of Islamic Terror and millions will in the future — if either that situation or the one in North Korea cannot be changed.

The vast majority of Americans are and always have been, isolationists and peace loving people. Maybe it was our beloved George Washington’s warning against foreign entanglements or maybe it’s inherent in our collective DNA, but for whatever the reason, the American people still fear these foreign entanglements, as they should, and as I do.

We don’t need to self-examine that fear and the rationale behind it, we need to accept that every now and then, against logic and reason, we face an enemy, or group of enemies, that force our hand in self-defense.

The ISIL army is running rough shod over people, civilization itself, history and their own religion, and now they are killing innocent women and children on our streets, in our gathering places and even on the roads we use to get to and from work. The American people see this for what is, naked aggression that doesn’t even make sense, but has to be dealt with somehow, nonetheless.

I was elected promising to get control of this situation centered in that troubled region, and I fully intend to do that. Some of my critics have labeled that as naïve, racist, ignorant and even bullying. I think you, the American people understand. The American people are reluctant to fight, reluctant to commit our brave men and women to further carnage, reluctant to spend our most precious treasure on wars with no point.

The American people didn’t put me here because they are racist, ignorant or bullies themselves, they put me here because they respect our constitutional values, they respect our country, they respect our institutions, they respect our flag — and they know that sometimes, when the bad men and women of the world come calling – only war can stop them.

What we have here in the United States is exceptional — and I believe – the terrorists must envy that deep down until it becomes hatred. There is no other rational explanation for Islamic Terrorism that targets families out for a stroll on London Bridge, or young girls at a rock concert, or innocent civilians wherever they may be or live.

Islamic terrorism is not a rationale response to any action taken by the west or any non-Muslim countries, it’s just hatred for the sake of hatred, a tale told many times by the Hitler-like types who want you to die for their religious intolerance or for their power trip. That is what Islamic terrorism is, it’s religious intolerance mixed with a gross power grab — and religious intolerance, no matter what religion we are discussing, becomes deadly when it becomes a grab for power, by people who cannot and should not have it.

When I thought about what to say tonight, I pretended I was talking to Melania, asking her for permission to send our son, Baron to war.

“What’s wrong with an America” I can hear her and every loving mother asking “Reluctant to join military battles in foreign lands?”

I also thought about what the members of my own Party would ask; “What’s wrong with letting foreign populations fight their own battles for freedom, power sharing and self-determination?” I can hear them inquiring.

I even thought long and hard about what some of you on the other side of the aisle tonight, might ask me; “Imposing democracy and American values, not to mention economic structures, has completely failed as foreign policy, has it not?”

I thought about our forefathers and my parents, who might have said to me; “We did it our own way here in the United States as we were formed — and that worked out great — why can’t we just let that natural process unfold around the world, and allow the world outside of the U.S., to right itself?

Every single one of these are good questions and will be asked by millions of well intentioned Americans as well as another very important one; “What right do we as Americans have to preach to other cultures about what their values, economic structures, governmental systems, and religious systems, should look like, when we have such serious domestic issues it’s obvious we don’t operate with any secret or special formula?”

I am here to answer those questions for you tonight before I can ask you the American people and the Congress of the United States — for that declaration of war. I need to answer them completely and honestly — and I intend to do it right now.

My reasoning is not complicated or based on some theory like dominoes or communist hegemony – it’s brutally simple — although we still don’t want to face this fundamental truth as a nation.

The oceans, which protected America from terrorism, war, car bombs, IED’s and massive disruptions of our way of life for well over 200 years — cannot accomplish that anymore.

The world isn’t a little smaller now — it’s a lot smaller.

Things that go wrong outside of American borders eventually go wrong here as well. Painfully, when I think of the twin towers, I am fully aware they were in the middle of the greatest city on the face of the planet, New York City.

That was a horrible day — but still, it was only a day of terror. Now, we wake up everyday, wondering if the school, nightclub, bus, subway, sidewalk or city street we use will be attacked, if our plane will be exploded, if our decision to walk home, will be met with rape or assault. This simply cannot go on.

We know as a species, we can do better than this, in fact, we have in the past. The kind of world America purposely constructed at the end of WWII, a more united, interconnected and interdependent world where trade, finance, manufacturing and politics are all intertwined, was good for the world and good for the United States, but that idea was not pursued everywhere else, within the constitutional framework and institutional principles as it was here — and the lack of those principles and constitutional guidelines is now fraying the fabric we obtained those benefits from.

When I say I’m not a globalist, that’s what I mean.

America’s values and the American people are what I was elected to protect, regardless of where the issues exist and even though I understand the benefits of global trade, global finance and global cooperation — I also understand the limit of those benefits without the freedoms Americans cherish and hold dear.

My predecessor called ISIL the JV team and that was a mistake. They are a deadly enemy; we will necessarily sacrifice brave young lives to stop. But we will stop them.

Technology makes it possible today for despots, dictators, and terrorists to threaten the lives of millions — and actually kill and/or terrorize them by the hundreds of thousands. They have attacked us because we value freedom, something they cannot tolerate.

The idea that democracy itself is a value not all cultures share or can manage is a monstrous, murderous lie told by those who would steal that thunderous power for themselves. When they come to take that away from you, here in America, they will be met with a fight.

Religious power and political power, even when co-mingled in a single entity temporarily — are not the same thing. Any other view is naive and thoroughly discredited by history. This story is not a religious story however, no matter what the Islamic Terrorists shout every time they commit murder.

It simply cannot be about that because only we can define why we are finally willing to commit to war FOR. And in the end, only the American people themselves can make that decision; to defend our children, our land, our religious freedoms — and our ability to choose for ourselves — how we will live.

Helping others should never be the primary reason for engagement, despite what the liberals will tell you — and I’m not here tonight asking you to engage in a war to help others. That would be a lie, we need to be honest and open about the fact that I am asking Congress for permission to fully engage — because it’s the safest thing to do for America and her citizens.

The Marshall Plan rebuilt Germany and Japan because we are safer here in the U.S. — this way, with them rebuilt, prospering, self-governing and friendly toward the U.S. The current chancellor of Germany may have forgotten most of what you are hearing tonight, based on her reaction when we met — but no matter.

That process of creating systems which guarantee these freedoms must happen eventually with every square inch on the face of the planet until every man woman and child — breathes free air — uncontaminated by tyranny, religious or political suppression, or the horrors of subjugation by violence. This is a natural process that will occur with or without interference, but has been speeded along by American leadership. I am not shirking that duty, I am defining it. Sharia Law is just such a tyrannical religious legal system, which doesn’t just suppress Muslims; it aims to suppress us all. My actions including my travel ban, are part and parcel of that leadership. Every country should control it’s borders, it’s immigrants and have law, policy and action fused together with a central purpose of protecting native populations. This is common sense, something the Democratic leadership here in America, lost sight of.

Protecting ourselves isn’t just a right today; it’s also an obligation we owe to future Americans. Unfortunately, with the attitude displayed by our current enemies — it’s not a choice about whether to fight – it’s simply about when and where. I intend to make the when happen now, and the where as far away from American towns, borders and interests, as I practically can. I will do this, in defense of what we hold sacred, our physical lives, those inalienable rights, those important values, and those freedoms that are priceless.

I’ll put our American values, our belief in these inalienable rights that include freedom of worship, freedom of expression and freedom to choose our laws and leaders — none of which are offered today to the people under ISIL rule — in a winner take all battle, up against; ISIL, Hitler, Hirohito, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Bin laden, Assad, Khomeini and Khamenei, etc., all day long.

We need to engage because building peaceful world partnerships, even if it initially involves war, pain and suffering, economic hardship and even takes a step back or two here and there — is the only long-term path to a world America and Americans, will be happy and safe in.

I didn’t think I could take these actions without giving less serious alternatives a chance first, without warning, without the situation itself further escalating, and finally, without making the case described here tonight — much more clearer to the American people — before acting.

This discussion has not been done before now — by American leadership — and that has made our struggle, much more protracted.

Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower didn’t just win WWII as war decision makers; they were leaders that announced and explained to the world what they were attempting to do — not just win a war, but also win a lasting peace.

They knew the ones who rush to war, or start war, are never the ones who can build the lasting peace. This is why I have not rushed to war and never will. Americans are not a war-like people subjugating a minority population with our false values because they have a different culture we don’t understand.

That line is the propaganda mask of a mullah, or dictator, or Democratic Party leader — USING religion, nationalism and the desire to stay in power, to hide stealing the power, the wealth, and the very lives of people whose civil rights we cherish as fellow human beings, although they may not be Americans.

This is not false nation building or American imperialism at work here no matter what Iran, Putin, the hysterical left — or any others may claim.

America has both a right, and an obligation, to build nations up and out of the chaos that results from war with us. The people on the ground at the end of wars, hungry, lives destroyed, homes and towns shattered, family members missing, these people didn’t war on America, their leaders did, and to punish them for these mistakes is to sow the seeds of 100 hundred more wars.

We can’t, shouldn’t, and hopefully won’t fail to make that point this time.

I plan to shamelessly hunt down these terrorists and ISIL members, killing or capturing them, and then imposing a new system on the surviving population that forbids virtually every nasty thing they’re doing today from Sharia Law, to the beheading of women and children, and possibly even the construction of mosques — if that is determined to be necessary. Some might repel at the thought of blocking the future construction of mosques, or tearing down existing ones — but they are the nerve center of this threat — and I intend to eliminate this threat completely.

I want to be clear on this, I am not against the Muslim religion, I believe it to be a religion that has been bastardized by killers — as have many faiths and ideologies — over the course of history. That doesn’t change the facts on the ground however and many of the mosques’ in this region, and a minority around the world — form a network around which — the jihadist and Islamist Terrorist organizations in the world today, all revolve.

The U.S. outlawed the Nazi party in Germany after WWII, and if Hitler had churches standing at wars end, dedicated to his worship, we would have knocked those down or converted them to other use at that time. This isn’t discrimination, unconstitutional, imperialistic or cruel; it’s common sense.

I’m asking Congress for permission to wage war against ISIL tonight because the old plan of appeasement, strategic delay, and assimilation failed. It’s that simple and now I’m going try something America has done before with success, impose order on a foreign region militarily, while creating institutions that respect civil rights and have only limited self-governance until things are stabilized.

This is, like every war action any president takes, my last resort, a product of a failed process to prevent war, and an unfortunate blow. It’s also what I have to do when I look at the action reports concerning what’s happening there or just turn on the TV news. The mainstream media may hate me and distort these reports, as they have repeatedly, but even they — have not been able to shield the public from a truth — I don’t have to repeat for you tonight.

We are being attacked in a barbaric, inhumane and indiscriminate way and it’s time for us to defend ourselves. I do thereby officially request from Congress, permission to use U.S. military forces to pursue the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or ISIS, until unconditional victory.

Good night, God bless you, and may peace return quickly to the United States of America.


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20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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