Nancy Pelosi is showing signs of Mental Illness

Nancy Pelosi is showing signs of Mental Illness

“How will Donald Trump explain to his grandkids – what he did to the air, assuming they breathe air.” Pelosi said this week on TV after Trump announced he was withdrawing from the Paris Accords.

I live in a liberal county, Montgomery County Maryland, and I always assumed, that beneath the exterior, my Democratic friends were just like me, but with a liberal bent on their thinking.

Now, having watched Hillary Clinton obviously rig a primary election against a member of her own party, (which NONE of my Dem party friends spoke out against) — and having watched Obama very closely for 8 years (a total disaster, and this is a policy criticism, not personal) – and having also watched these people I’ve known for years; lie, excuse, and simply ignore — not just the decisions made by Obama and other Democratic Party leaders – but they have defended them — I am very worried that a large number of these Dem Party supporters AND Dem party leaders are suffering from mental illness.

This is not a joke.

Ike Leggit, Roger Berliner, Mike Miller, Tom Perez; where are you guys? If you think it’s O.K. to behave this way after losing an election, if you think it’s O.K. to ATTACK the children and grand children of your opponents, if you think it’s O.K. to sacrifice every constitutional principle I was taught about – just to WIN – I repeat, you are suffering from mental illness.

I was a Republican newspaper editor and publisher, who watched every candidate I like, lose over and over again here in MoCo, and the State of Maryland. I never once either resorted to these types of tactics, or witnessed the Republican candidates do it — or even think about it.

Instead of facing the ramifications of the Party’s disastrous stance on Islamic Terrorism and immigration law abuse, the Democrats are doubling down. They are defending a philosophy that would literally murder them, murder their children, murder every Jew, every non-Muslim, and every person of any faith — not willing to submit to Sharia law.

This is insanity itself but I could respect that intellectually, if their tactics weren’t also so horribly suspect. It’s O.K. to think stupid Marxist ideas will work in our economy, it’s O.K. to think feelings matter more than logic, it’s O.K. to over-tax willing voters right into poverty, while wasting their money, but it’s not O.K. to think you have the right to do this indefinitely and the voters don’t get a chance to try a different and/or better way.

The idea that the DNC could have murdered one of their own staffers to cover up electioneering fraud — would have been unthinkable to me a few year ago.

Now, I suspect that very thing has happened, and Seth Rich was the victim. Naturally, murder being the type of crime it is, I was sure my Democratic friends, some in power still, would at least draw the line here and demand answers. I am shocked to report that is not the case.

Some of them, who I will not name, have actually cursed at me and threatened not to speak to me if I continue to push for an answer to who killed this young man. I’ll admit I did not know what to say. What do you say to someone you’ve known for years, that is yelling at you to “Shut the Fuck Up” about an unsolved investigation into MURDER?

The obvious question is, are you suffering from a mental breakdown? It crossed my mind to ask that, but I couldn’t because it’s a nonsensical question really, once you suspect someone is mentally ill, asking THEM, if that is true, is of course, pointless.

Where is one man, one vote? Where is respect for the opposition view? Where is the respect for the law? Where is the respect for the type of decency that doesn’t allow personal attacks on children?

The Democratic Party has not only lost these critical qualities, they are defending their use of these tactics, and violence, and suppression of opinion, and that frightens me. Hitler was crazy and his supporters became crazy, a type of mass mental illness, a problem I fear the Democrats have slipped into under Obama and Pelosi.

She needs to apologize, admit such remarks are beneath the Minority Leader’s post, and then resign. I don’t say this because she’s a mean, snake in the grass that hurt America, she actually is entitled to that description having gotten her constituents to vote for her — I say it because she is mentally ill, judging by her remarks, and that is a danger to my country.

Imagine if Roosevelt had defended the Japanese and Germans after Pearl Harbor, with some nonsense about being sensitive to the problems those two countries were having.

Would the Democrats in this country have lined up behind Roosevelt the way the Party has lined up behind people like Pelosi, Obama, Bill Maher (I’m a House Nigger) or Kathy Griffin — holding a bloodied head of the decapitated president – AFTER she publicly declared she was going after Barron, the sitting President’s SON.

Maybe they would have, who knows, but I don’t think so. My grandfather knew Roosevelt personally (White House Press Corp) and from what I was told by him, Roosevelt himself would have thought today’s Democratic leaders were as mentally ill, as I do.

Griffin, Maher, these A-holes don’t matter to me at all — BUT when Pelosi makes comments for the record — that are so inappropriate as to be threatening — not just about the Republican Party, but the CHILDREN and grandchildren of the politicians serving their country through elected office themselves – them I’m really not sure anymore about the mental health of these Democratic Party leaders.

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