China takes a one-two punch from Mattis and the DoD

China takes a one-two punch from Mattis and the DoD

China made a fool of Obama, fool’s of their neighboring countries — and a fool of Britain with economic deception, political and military lies, widespread coercion, outright bullying, bribery and theft on a grand scale. When they had no legitimate claims to an area they wanted, they built islands there and claimed it anyway. When they promised the U.S. military they wouldn’t militarize those islands, they did it anyway.

Xi is a dictator. China is a communist country. Communism is a one party system, the other side gets jailed, prosecuted, kidnapped, killed and/or “re-conditioned”. These things are not unknown, or controversial, they are fact.

The tiny island of Taiwan, just off the Chinese mainland is not a communist country. The Chinese living there — don’t have a dictator, they have an elected president. They also have a big problem.

The Chinese communists would like nothing more than to conquer Taiwan and make it a province of the communist mainland. The communist’s NEED to do this because the small Democratic island is also inhabited by Chinese people, and they are not only free, they are prosperous, in fact, more prosperous than the communists.

News of how much better a democratic system is — constantly leaks into mainland China from the island of Taiwan, and this, more than any other thing, is the biggest threat to the communist hold on power — on the mainland.

Outsiders will never conquer modern China; the real threat is from within. Eventually enough Chinese will be informed enough, rich enough — and finally bold enough to challenge their own government for a share of the decision making power, exactly as they did during the Tiananmen Square incident, and just like that, China will open up.

But until then, the Chinese people on the island of Taiwan need a friend.

They need a brother democracy willing to help defend them against a cross strait invasion. The U.S. has already made such a commitment, but under Obama the Chinese sensed it was a paper promise.

Today, Defense Secretary James Mattis, who I think it the exact right man for the job at this time in history — made it perfectly clear — the Obama administration era of weakness, vacillation, indecision, and endless sympathy plus patience for dictators with communist sympathies — has all evaporated. Thank God. Here’s Reuters on his remarks.

Reuters — Defence ministers from the US, Japan and Australia also said they opposed China’s land reclamation in the South China Sea and condemned Pyongyang’s nuclear proliferation push.

Addressing the Shangri-La ­Dialogue, US Defence Secretary James Mattis said the US would continue to abide by its commitment to Taiwan, the first time the island has been mentioned by a US delegation to the forum since its inception in 2002.

“The Department of Defence remains steadfastly committed to working with Taiwan and with its democratic government to provide it the defence articles necessary, consistent with the obligations set out in the Taiwan Relations Act, because we stand for the peaceful resolution of any issues in a manner acceptable to the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait,” Mattis said, adding later that the US was committed to the one-China policy.

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