The Paris Accord pullout, OR, Milankovich was a genius and Trump may also be one…

The Paris Accord pullout, OR, Milankovich was a genius and Trump may also be one…

I have studied the climate situation in the world for decades now and I can say 4 things with certainty about Trump’s decision to drop out of the Paris Accord.

Two of these things are about the accord itself and 2 are about the climate change it is supposed to prevent.

The accord itself, according to UN scientists, U.S. scientists, and even liberal European scientists, was expected to only have a very small impact on global temperatures – even if the assumptions made by climatologists about the impact of CO2 levels is accurate.

The costs for this change were expected to be huge, in the hundreds of billions. These costs, by design, were to be borne by nations like the U.S., and distributed to nations with less developed economies. In short, the accord was a type of giant national and international welfare program inspired by the environment.

This is a very bad idea — if only — because NO such agreement has ever performed as drafted before. The unintended consequence rule is simply too strong a force, it can ensnare countries, NGO’s, politicians, even climate specialists, who simply cannot divorce themselves from their self-interest when this much money is at stake — and therefore obscure data at the least — and outright create it, in the majority of cases. The only thing such agreements create is corruption.

The accord was, and I still believe is, a threat to our national sovereignty — as Trump mentioned today — because it bound the penalties for non-compliance to the U.S. without any U.S. review of those penalties, or a process to reverse them. This is a bad idea and would be one EVEN if I thought this threat was imminent or real.

I say still is because the accord really isn’t dead for 3 more years and that’s a long time.

Now to climate change itself. Global warming is not happening.

I know this because the U.S. orbited a satellite to measure this EXACT thing — and it has not produced any data to support the warming thesis. None.

I know this because a Serbian scientist named Milutin Milankovich produced (over 50 years ago) a series of HIGHLY accurate calculations about the Earth’s past, present and future temperature changes — which predicted a coming ice age, not a warming period.

That ice age is coming whether we admit it as a species or not.

And the reasons are simple – based upon his mathematical calculations of the earth’s distance from the Sun during it’s orbit, and it’s other hemispherical relationship to the Sun because of it’s tilt and wobble, the earth gets colder when it’s farther from the Sun and it gets colder when it’s angled to present more sea ice toward the Sun, than ocean or land.

Milankovich located our Sun at the center of his theory, as the only source of heat and light in the solar system — as he should have — and as current climatologists do NOT, for some very strange and almost unfathomable reason. He considered three cyclical movements of the Earth: eccentricity (a 100,000 year cycle), axial tilt (a 41,000 year cycle), and precession (a 23,000 year cycle).

Each of these cycles work on a different time-scale and each changes the amount of solar energy received by the Earth, hence the resulting temperature changes. Such changes in the geometry of an orbit lead to the changes in sunlight strength over particularly sensitive zones – or the quantity of heat received by any spot at the surface of a planet.

These orbital variations, which are influenced by gravity of the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn, form the basis — of the Milankovich cycle.

Recognition came slowly for Milankovich, but later, his theory was PROVEN to be accurate.

Notice how you have read hundreds of articles before about this topic from liberal newspapers and magazines, and never have you heard this man’s name. It’s a conspiracy to keep the truth from the public.

Today’s climate hysteria simply ignores all this proven science — and unless Edward Snowden is right, and the CIA made up Global Warming Theory – which explains the conspiracy — I simply don’t know why the MSM are ignoring Milankovich and his theories.

Project CLIMAP (Climate: Long Range Investigation, Mapping and Production) finally resolved this dispute and proved the theory of Milankovich cycles in 1972!

The world’s best scientists compiled a time scale of climatic events in the past 700,000 years from deep-sea cores, performed an analysis of the cores and four years later, came to the conclusion that in the past 500,000 years, the climate has changed depending on the inclination of the Earth’s axis of rotation and its precession exactly as Milankovich predicted.

In 1988, a NEW major project COHMAP (Cooperative Holocene Mapping Project) reconstructed the patterns of global climate change over the last 18,000 years, AND again demonstrated the key role of astronomical factors as predicted by Milankovich.

In 1989, the project SPECMAP (Spectral Mapping Project) showed that climate changes are not only responses to changes in solar radiation – but they are a reaction to each of the three astronomical cycles as described by Milankovich.

This is very, very simple folks, Milankovich was right about all this, and if you doubt me — or the facts presented here — look him up on Google yourself and read all about his theories — and the ice core measurements backing him up.

Such a set of predictions, if his theories were not correct, would have been impossible — and he nailed the predictions for over 200,000 years!

Long, long, story short, the Paris Accord was a bad agreement, it was expensive, a violation of U.S. sovereignty and was not even going to work, by the UN’s own climate experts admission.

Furthermore, according to our own satellite data and proven Milankovich cycles, all of which have stood up against long term ice core studies, we don’t need to be worried about the earth warming up, we need to be worried about it cooling down.

Milankovich was a genius — and maybe Trump is as well.

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  1. agelessmd says:

    Excellent piece that expanded upon my own scientific knowledge. Thank you.

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