High-level Democratic IT staffers flee country

Like Rats from a Sinking Ship – High-level Democratic IT staffers flee country for Pakistan Ahead of Investigation

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party.

The story below is about a group of IT people she brought onto Capital Hill, that are now holed up in Pakistan, after fleeing the U.S., — after every Democratic Party computer they touched, a bunch of Congressional computers they touched — and many more apparently — got hacked, knacked and sacked, allegedly.

I hope the Republican Committee investigating this Russian thing gets to the bottom of all the non-Russian things that need attention as well. Read on:

From American Military News — BY JOSHUA RAYMOND-CASTRO · MAY 23, 2017

A Democratic aide who is the center of a major security breach investigation has fled the United States for Pakistan, where it is believed she has significant protection through family money and assets in the region, according to reports.

Hina Alvi and her husband Imran Awan, who also worked as an IT staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives, were brought under investigation in February after accusations that they had been stealing computer equipment and using it to commit large-scale security breaches.

However, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), for whom Hina Alvi worked as IT support staffer, did not believe that either she or her husband were guilty before they fled.

He told Politico in March that, “[a]s of right now, I don’t see a smoking gun. I have seen no evidence that they were doing anything that was nefarious.”

He also told reporters earlier that he believed in letting the justice system take its course. “I wanted to be sure individuals are not being singled out because of their nationalities or their religion. We want to make sure everybody is entitled to due process. They had provided great service for me. And there were certain times in which they had permission by me, if it was Hina or someone else, to access some of my data.”

But something shifted when the couple withdrew their children from local schools in Northern Virginia and listed their long-time homes for sale.

Brothers of Awan, who also worked as IT support staffers, have too fled to Pakistan, where sources say they are treated like VIPs, consorting with politicians and traveling by police motorcade, which raises many questions as to why fairly middle class IT workers would be receiving such treatment.

Their suspect behavior overseas only further enforces the notion that Alvi and her husband fled prosecution of criminal wrongdoing. To date, U.S. Capitol police have refused to release a statement on the status of the ongoing investigation.


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