Rex Tillerson Nails It

Rex Tillerson Nails It

Many Arab countries like Iran, state terror sponsors, pay the families of suicide bombers. That is not a misprint. They pay poor people to blow themselves up – who then do this horrible thing because their lives have no meaning, and at least this way — their families can get by.

Our government actually negotiates and makes deals with governments that behave this way. I always wonder why. What’s the point? We cannot ever go forward with a government that thinks this way, as a nation anyway — clearly they don’t really want to deal with us — they want to kill us. Those two are mutually exclusive.

This is what we are at war with against this Islamic Brotherhood, these Sharia law nations and the idea of Islamic Jihad — as practiced by Muslims throughout the world. This is who — Obama made a deal with — when he signed the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

NOW, a new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson is calling on the Iranians to stop this crazy practice. Because at a few thousand dollars apiece, Tillerson must have realized Obama gave the Iranians enough cash, to kill millions of Americans.

Here is the AP/Time story on Tillerson’s announcement;

(RIYADH, Saudi Arabia) — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called upon Iran’s president to end all support and financing of terrorist groups now that he has won re-election.
Speaking Saturday in Saudi Arabia, Tillerson said President Hassan Rouhani now has the opportunity to end Iran’s role in supporting “destabilizing forces that exist in this region.”
He also expressed his hope that Iran puts an end to its ballistic missile testing and “restores the rights of Iranians to freedom of speech, to freedom of organization so Iranians can live the life they deserve.”
He would not comment on his expectation for the outcome of Friday’s election in Iran, only saying that “if Rouhani wanted to change Iran’s relationship with the rest of the world those are the things he could do.”Tillerson was speaking at a joint press conference with his Saudi counterpart, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.


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