Democrats Impeach Their Credibility

Democrats Impeach Their Credibility

Democratic lawmakers called for impeachment of President Trump yesterday on the Hill – and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

They not only do not have evidence he committed a crime, they don’t even have any evidence — any crime was committed at all. A special prosecutor has been named, sure, but as famed Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz asked on TV – what for?

Nothing described by the Washington Post, the New York Times, the loony leftist liberals in the Dim leadership — or even by extremist’s like Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings — is a crime. That’s right, the only crimes we know for sure were committed, were ALL committed by DNC officials, Obama administration officials, and Hillary Clinton herself.

Assume the Comey memo is accurate, the Rosenstein memo is accurate, the DNC emails that made it to Wilileaks are accurate, AND Michael Flynn sold his soul to the Russians, for cash – to influence Trump.

You still get the following outcome:

Trump will be exonerated, since there is no evidence he knew of this, and there would be by now — and Flynn got his clearances originally from Obama.

Trump will also look good for firing Comey in the long run, and the investigation will likely turn up hard news and/or evidence about the Democratic Party’s very unsavory electoral behavior, which appears to have also been criminal.

Finally, Susan Rice will turn out to be a key figure in a ugly conspiracy that gets close to the former President. Investigation of her unmasking activities will lead to actual indictments against high-ranking Democrats. This must happen because a real crime did occur here, and the email trail will show it was done for political purposes. OOoops, talk about a backfire.

It’s unwise to try and impeach a new President; the public wants the President to succeed, even the ones that didn’t vote for (generally) him, Americans like to give the new guy a chance. Big Dim Party mistake to raise this issue now, rookie like error, Pelosi is losing it, she really looks desperate lately.

It’s foolish to try and impeach a President and fail. This creates a backlash against the impeaching Party for miring the country in scandal that wasn’t fruitful. It’s like shutting down the government – this can only be an effective political technique if the vast majority of the public thinks the issue you are forcing closure over – is monumentally important – and this is almost never the case — and anyway — is definitely NOT the case now concerning the impeachment of Trump.

Impeachment, the thought of it, the mention of it by lawmakers, the introduction of an impeachment bill, these are serious things the public takes seriously and when you throw them about – on issues you are as dirty on — or more dirty on — than your opponent –it’s your credibility you are undermining, not the President’s.

I believe in Democracy. I believe in Civil Rights. I believe in a strong, free and independent press. Right now, our Democracy is in danger, because the Civil and Voting Rights of approximately one-half of the Democratic Party (Bernie supporters), and the entire rest of the country — including the President of the United States — and being attacked by a small band of powerful Democratic Party leaders and elites.

This elite group, centered around Hillary’s re-election campaign as a funding and control mechanism — illegally seized control of the Democratic Party primary process, through coordinated manipulation of the main stream media, an outright conspiracy to control the DNC, as well as illegal connections and influence at the DOJ, and other government institutions. This effort stretched into certain members of the State Department as well unfortunately. Naturally this could not have been done, without WH coordination, support, and maybe even some illegal maneuvers, especially concerning a WH scheme to blame Trump with Russian influence peddling and the subsequent unmasking scheme that was attached.

All in all, I think bringing this nonsense up will backfire on the Democrats in a huge way. They will end up getting their own people arrested, but not Republicans, their WH/DOJ/DNC/SD conspiracy will see some light and the Party will fall further out of favor — while they, maybe, put a scratch on Flynn.

The Democrats aren’t losing because Trump is a genius, they are losing because they are stupid.

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