ABC, NBC and CBS Fail America, need to lose their broadcast licenses

ABC, NBC and CBS Fail America, need to lose their broadcast licenses.

A group of disgruntled Democratic donors, who supported Bernie Sanders, sued the DNC, after the election, for illegally favoring Hillary’s candidacy over his.

That lawsuit is now being heard in Federal Court. But you probably don’t know that because the mainstream media is blacking out this story.

The major networks fear to cover this story because the Democratic Party’s attorney does not have a defense — the DNC did rig the election and there is a lot of evidence to support that conclusion. The slimy attorney representing the DNC has had the brass balls to tell the senior federal judge hearing the case — that the DNC had the legal right to hold the primaries ANYWAY they want.

In other words, the DNC has now legally asserted they have no obligation to hold fair and impartial primaries.

Their charter says they will do this necessary thing — but the DNC is now arguing — that Charter promise — is just a hollow statement written on paper, not a legal obligation.

The judge (Zloch) hearing this case has expressed his disbelief at this position, BUT the major networks — have reported none of this.

Trump should go after their broadcast licenses, they no longer provide any public service if they insist on behaving this way.

Even the leftist, liberal, mainstream media in America would have a hard time convincing their viewers this was not a problem for the Party, hence they have decided to print and/or report NOTHING.

Here is a quote from Judge Zloch summing up the problem:

“I think it’s a really sad day for democracy in this country. Because what the DNC has now essentially stated in a court of law is that it believes there is no enforceable obligation to run the primary elections of this country in a fair and impartial way.”

Democratic Party lawyers have this completely wrong. The networks and newspapers aren’t just exercising bad news judgment; they are participating in a cover up.

The Party should pay back the donors and apologize. The networks need to do a special on this problem, with the news hook of the lawsuit as a nexus.

I say this out loud because this legal position by the Party is mass suicide. The networks have broadcast licenses they should NOT be able to keep — if this type of cover up is going to be allowed to go on. Trump should attack along this front, he has nothing to lose, as they couldn’t be treating him MORE unfairly in their everyday coverage.

Don’t these idiot DNC lawyers realize that if the Party STANDS by this position, the Judge may revoke their charter and disband the Party? I don’t think it will go this far, but this will eventually come up because the DNC’s defense contradicts a LOT of American law.

The Democrats have lost their minds.

You cannot argue the Party has no obligation to run fair primaries — and ALSO keep their charter.

The networks have lost their minds, you can’t argue in court — the DNC has no obligation to run fair primaries — and THIS is not a news story.



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One Response to ABC, NBC and CBS Fail America, need to lose their broadcast licenses

  1. play4keeps says:

    Karl, get serious, just like he should expose the CFR as the controlling voice of these networks. ​

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