What Jeff Sessions got right today – and what he got badly wrong, OR, the first big thing I disagree with Trump on

What Jeff Sessions got right today – and what he got badly wrong, OR, the first big thing I disagree with Trump on.

My blog is a testament to how well I think the President is doing, and, AG Jeff Sessions was right today when he announced sweeping changes to drug prosecution rules, the DOJ does have a legal obligation to enforce the laws as passed by Congress. This is very obvious but will be reported as a shock by the other media, because under Obama that idea had quite literally been ignored for 8 entire years.

This happened in too many areas of the government to list here, but one of them was Eric Holder’s blatantly unconstitutional decision to simply direct the nation’s prosecutors — to ignore specific law concerning sentencing and prosecutorial discretion for drug offenses.

In Holder’s worldview, drug addicts are people with a health problem — who need treatment, not jail. Obviously Obama agreed with him on this and backed him.

Amazingly the prosecutors almost universally went along with this — and amazingly the press never really questioned this — and even most amazingly, the American people never really questioned it.

I will mention poor Jeff here because, of course, he noticed all this — if he is ever accused of being insane — it will be because of how frustrated this ridiculous situation made him feel. I believe, although I’ve never met the man, the thing that drove him the most bananas was that nobody else seemed to notice what Obama was doing.

To be fair, he lacked allies and public attention, because officially the DOJ, a lot of the FBI, and a lot of the American public — agreed with this go soft plan. The obvious problem Sessions saw clearly, and that Holder and Obama were completely blind too – was that not one little bit of all this action — was legally Kosher.

Nobody, in particular PRESIDENT’S and AG’s, are allowed to make changes — which contradict existing law — without first getting a law passed like; “Drug addiction is a health problem, and from now on, all those drug laws don’t count.”

For example, Lincoln changed the Constitution to recognize the end of slavery – and this legal modification nullified all previously existing law that contradicted this hard fought for NEW law.

Holder and Obama skipped all those pesky and bloody wars, and time consuming steps like passing laws and/or constitutional amendments – they had a new kind of groove – they simply announced changes at staged events — not press conferences, AND the vast majority of the media then dutifully reported the changes, helpfully supplied a soothing rationale written by the administration, and then finally reported, sometimes DAYS later, that the only spoiled sports left with a problem, were those asshole Republican Congressional dweebs, who like lost, are nothing but obstructionist, and oh yea, here at the end of our coverage of this story, we feel obligated to report, even though we are sure the Republicans are lying — they are saying something ridiculous about laws being “ignored” by Holder and Obama.

Now Sessions is AG, the circus of lies is shut down — and he now has to restore the nations legal system, or really, all is lost.

That’s sounds melodramatic, but it’s not.

It’s becoming increasingly clear, if Obama had wanted to stage-manage a crisis to stay in power, he had blindly loyal friends in enough power positions – that were constitutionally ignorant to any danger – he might have been able to do it.

Unfortunately, Sessions glossed over the gravity of the Constitutional crisis we were in, from 8 years of this reckless behavior by Holder and Obama, instead, Sessions came off like a Nazi, eager to grab up the dealers and addicts — so they can be gassed. “That’s the law by gum!”

On to Trump. The miracle happened in November and he’s doing a superb job.

BUT he’s way wrong about marijuana.

It’s very helpful medicinally, it’s has powerful and positive properties as a consciousness awareness raising drug, AND, the governments ridiculous over prosecution of this one drug – just marijuana – has had disastrous results for the country.

Sixty-six percent of the combined cartels profit comes from Pot. Take that money from them, they become easy to fight. You should get this Trump, slash their money, slash their throats.

Also, blacks have received, and continue to receive, a disproportionate amount of the pot sentences in this country and those sentences are disproportionately harsh. This has split the black community like the civil war split the nation, mothers with sons in Blue, visiting their other sons in jail — who smoked or sold pot. Everybody’s unhappy.

This is wrong Mr. President.

Legalize pot; allow the blacks, and others, in jail for these offenses – out. Purge their records, (this has all been done in Oregon) and let them start 20,000 new businesses in America, selling pot, selling bongs, selling oils and candies, growing pot, marketing pot — you want to help the inner cities — stop the Pot Civil War.

Notice I didn’t say ignore the laws and write some memorandum outlining the government’s new pot position or a list of rules you can follow that ignore the country’s pot laws. No matter how stupid those laws are, I still can’t take such a position. Crap like that made me crazy under Obama.

We pass laws in this country to take positions and that’s it.

This allows the public a chance to voice their opinion to Congress. Who do you voice your opinion to before an Obama era memorandum comes out, changing a law passed by Congress? Nobody, and that’s exactly who Obama and Holder answered too.

If they had been honest and fought for what needed to be changed, their own constituency would have backed them, plus a solid minority of the opposition.
One way or the other, we would have had an up or down vote. Clean this up Mr. President, don’t leave people in jail in one state, family and job ruined for smoking a little weed, while a few miles away, in another state, a man makes his living, by peacefully growing and/or smoking pot.

One way to Make America Great Again Mr. President –is to make the NOT so subtle distinction between marijuana and all the other drugs, including alcohol. Pot is good, hard drugs are bad — and alcohol is the biggest killer in the country.

Guess what happens Mr. President, if you legalize just pot?

1. Tax receipts – UP
2. New Businesses – UP
3. Police and community healing will begin
4. Lower jail costs
5. A new industry for American farmers to dominate
6. Alcohol use will decline
7. Pharmaceutical use and abuse will decline (All of the items on this list except item 5, are Proven)


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