Trump fires Comey

Trump fires Comey

Good decision, good timing, the backlash will come from all the Trump haters who oppose him, his people, and his decisions — no matter what he does – AND regardless of their position SUPPORTING that same decision, the week before.

Suicide Schumer (He is leading the Party to mass suicide) hates Director Comey, wanted him gone, has publicly said so, and now is shocked, and of course, has more reason to think President Trump is crazy.

Senator Schumer and the other Dims aren’t fooling anyone. They are the ones acting crazy.

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2 Responses to Trump fires Comey

  1. play4keeps says:

    An independent investigator for the Russian question will quell things. If this doesn’t happen Trump will have made a big mistake with his timing.​

  2. agelessmd says:

    Firstly, Comey disgraced the FBI and was a threat to our constitutional democracy through his free will decisions. He took it upon himself to become the source of the highest level of prosecutorial discretion/decision making (US AG) in addition to his designated job of being in charge of Federal investigations. Democracy DEPENDS on having the investigatory and prosecutorial arms of government separate. The police cannot decide to arrest you and then determine your innocence/guilt, and jail time. The DA cannot arrest you, direct the police investigation you, and then sentence you. There was no respect or understanding of the absolute need for the separation of government powers with Comey. He failed to fulfill the separation of the immense powers of investigation, prosecution, and judicial determination of the findings. Rereading his statement of last July detailing the felonies Hillary committed and then deciding no one should prosecute her was a much bigger political collusion and undermining of American democracy and security than any previous scandal. (Watergate was a President caught in a lie about buffoon burglars trying to access the Democratic leadership’s prostitution ledger and log. Bill Clinton’s impeachment was about a lie to cover up his many sex scandals. They both lied, but the substance of what they lied about was never a threat to our democracy. And the news media does not understand this, laughably.)

    Secondly, Play4Keeps misunderstands the “Russian” investigation. The director of National Security and FBI director for Obama determined and stated in multiple public hearingsand questionings that Trump did not collude with the Russians. Additionally, unless you were asleep for months, Trump has poked big sticks in the Russian’s eyes since his first month in office! The Schumers and Pelosis have nothing to counter Trump’s presidency successes except rumors of him being a Manchurian candidate – utter foolishness.

    The Senate and House Intelligence committees are actively investigating a number of national security issues. None pertain to Trump’s behavior. Some pertain to his former aids and their truthfulness under security clearance questioning. Much pertains to the intentional leaking of highly classified information by Obama appointees to the media for political gain. Unless a great back door deal is struck, I suspect that some of the highest level Obama appointees will serve jail time for the leaking of unmasked information. His former NSA directed the unmasking of conversations between private US citizen without a court warrant. This guarantees her a closed door inquisition under subpoena.

    Our leaders ob both sides of the aisle can simply not send the message that it is OK for Hillary Clinton or other high level Government appointees to disregard national security laws while the employees of the intelligence agencies go to jail for being mildly negligent in in their handling of less than secret information. The presidential appointees of Obama were negligent with top secret and eyes only material… and their computers were hacked by foreign nationals and governments! Abedin and Weiner (highly susceptible to blackmail) had top secret information on Weiner’s unsecured laptop. Intent does not matter – it is a huge felony. for all of them.

    Add to this intelligence disaster that the National Security agency resources and data were used for political purposes. Add to this the Attorney general overseeing the investigation of the Democratic party’s nominee for president’s felonious disregard for the top secret information she with which was entrusted. Add that the candidate’s husband met with the AG privately during the investigation and later announced that he and his wife would keep the AG in her position. during their next administration. Top that with an FBI director knowing the AG was compromised, decided he would act as the AG too! Add also that Lois Lerner indisputably used the IRS to intimidate donors to the republican party and avoided prosecution because the same AG decided there was “nothing there”. The entire last 2 to 4 years of the Obama presidency was an attempt at developing a political caliphate.

    I expect a continual stream of former top government officials being forced to face up to their crimes. Trump’s words of drain the swamp are even more true in hindsight than we realized….

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