China is the biggest threat to the world

China is the biggest threat to the world.

That may sound melodramatic, what with ISIL and North Korea, both vying for the brutality and human rights violations crown – BUT, the real culprit in destabilizing the world is most assuredly China — and unfortunately I can prove it.

Consider North Korea first, without Chinese rocket motors and technical assistance, that country would NOT be building nukes and attempting to build ICBM’s. Why is that?

North Korea’s main source of income, support, political cover, and military aid – for decades – has been the Chinese. They could have halted this program any time they wanted.

If intent is on your mind, consider this, after promising to restrain the NK nuke program over and over again, the Chinese doubled the coal shipments they were buying from NK — doubling Kim’s foreign cash supply.

Trump appears to have temporarily halted this coal buying binge JUST in the last month, but the intent is still clear and has been for years.

China LIKES using Kim as a foil, and purposely lured him into this corner, so the Chinese could bargain away a piece of the NK nuke program — as a trade to block THAAD.

This failed and Trump ordered it installed this month — meaning the NK problem will blow up soon without serious change. The Chinese never give up.

The really scary thing is; the Chinese program of purge at home — and intimidation abroad — isn’t about hegemony or ego and pride. It’s about food.

The Chinese need protein, cannot afford it, and so they are stealing the world’s fish supply to fill the gap between their protein demands and their supply.

How are the Chinese over fishing the world’s oceans and literally starving the North Koreans to death at the same time? With a huge fleet of commercial fishing vessels spread out every corner of the ocean.

That’s right, the Chinese OWN all the fishing rights for NK waters and take every fish out of them that the NK are entitled too.

The Chinese also attempted to buy and/or take over the entire fishing concession of the Bahamas’ with a similar trick — and are also fishing out all of Africa’s fish.

China has a 1.7 billion person population and a communist government. This is a clash of reality that has no eventual reconciliation because communism does not work efficiently enough to handle a massive strain like that.

Under Deng, China’s only progressive leader, the Chinese turned away from communism, embraced a capitalist model for the economy (not politically) and had economic growth rates strong enough to keep China from being a threat to the rest of the world.

Now, under Xi, it’s nothing more than a dictatorship, and now, as a result — they are going to get dictatorship like growth rates.

That means trouble for everybody else in the world.

This excerpt below from Peter Neil describes just how bad the problem is, and points to a world with oceans picked clean of fish, and the world’s main eco-system destroyed. Not in 50 or 100 years, but in this decade if something doesn’t change.

By Peter Neill Director, World Ocean Observatory

With regard to the ocean, particularly to fisheries, China is the largest consumer, producer, and exporter of every species caught by some 3,400 industrial fishing vessels harvesting the waters of over 90 coastal nations and the deep ocean.

According to a 2016 report by, an excellent online conservation and environmental news service, China’s annual catch is estimated at some 15 million tons, making it the world’s top fishing nation twice over. The result has also been colossal: a 50% reduction in its own domestic fish stocks, a 600% rise in per capita seafood demand, and a global fleet that is 2 to 3 times larger than what the entire global ocean is estimated to sustainability support.

Fish catches are presumably reported to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), but the statistics are very unreliable as a result of under-reporting, indifference to treaty quotas, illegal species catch, and stocks caught outside national jurisdictions.

This lack of or misrepresentation of information is becoming more clear; the European Union estimates that the actual Chinese catches may be over twelve times what is reported through official channels and is dominating and decimating supply particularly in developing nations in West Africa where there is no domestic fleet to compete. In some instances, North Korea for example, China has acquired exclusive rights to all fishing within that nation’s exclusive economic zone.

Communist ideology is broken, it always goes amuck eventually, and when it does, it always creates dictators — like Xi — and these authoritarian regimes then become the main threat to stability, prosperity, and the welfare of the world’s citizens.

Believe it or not, the solution to the NK nuke program, and the world’s ocean crisis, is a strong two party system inside a Chinese Democracy.

In other words, we don’t need a war with China to stop these problems from growing, we just need the Chinese people to demand a change, a right to speak freely, to make their own decisions, and to have the option of voting for a second party within their political system

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