The Democratic Party flirts with Fascism

The Democratic Party flirts with Fascism

In front of a Federal Judge this week, Judge Zloch, DNC lawyers argued that a class action suit brought by Democratic Party donors – who think the Party rigged the nomination to block Sanders – should be dismissed because the Party — despite it’s charter promising otherwise — is under NO legal obligation to hold a fair primary election process.

This is not a joke, they actually said they have the right as a Party to pick candidates anyway they want and the courts have no say in this.

The Democratic party is destroying itself in front of my eyes.

This whole drama by the way has been held in a public court but the national media have not breathed a word of it. With positions like these taken by the Party, you can see why.

Even the leftist, liberal, mainstream media in America would have a hard time convincing their viewers this was not a problem for the Party.

Here is a quote from Judge Zloch summing up the problem “I think it’s a really sad day for democracy in this country. Because what the DNC has now essentially stated in a court of law is that it believes there is no enforceable obligation to run the primary elections of this country in a fair and impartial way.”

Democratic Party lawyers have this completely wrong.

They should pay back the donors and apologize.

I say this out loud because this legal position by the Party is mass suicide. Don’t these idiot lawyers realize that if the Party STANDS by this position, the Judge may revoke their charter and disband the Party?

The Democrats have lost their minds. You cannot argue the Party has no obligation to run fair primaries — and ALSO keep their charter.

This position runs contrary to most election law in the U.S., as well as the Constitution, and therefore to take such a position officially leaves open the door for disbandment as a public OR private organization.

No kidding.

Judge Zloch heard all this in court this week and he will not be able LEGALLY to leave their charter alone if they don’t accept responsibility — and promise real changes to assure no repeats.

If you had told me this would be the Party’s position, I would have called you a liar. I’m with the judge, this is a really sad day.


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