Freedomwalk will change the world

Freedomwalk will change the world

Watch this 5 minute video first, then the info below will make sense.

Transportation systems are dirty, pollute the air, are expensive to build, maintain, and improve — hence they are also expensive to use — are crowded, and most of all, they are slow.

“Being stuck in traffic cost the average U.S. driver $1,400 last year and nearly $300 billion for all drivers nationwide — Inrix study.”

That data from Inrix sums up a worldwide problem with All existing transportation systems for dense city centers which all suffer from these chronic problems that cripple productivity, deplete infrastructure funds, and pollute at such high levels — that cities have become unlivable in one half of the world.

This makes sense because these cities all use cars, buses, subways, and trains to move people, and since all these systems are grossly inefficient, using an entire gallon of fuel to move an average commuter just 24 miles, cities are trapped between moving people or breathing.

None of these carriage based systems are scalable either, because of the limitations necessary when moving a carriage-and-occupant; like wind resistance, rolling resistance and stopping/starting losses (time/fuel) for cross traffic.

A New Invention — An American inventor (Me) from Montgomery County (Me), has come up with the a new transportation system that will revolutionize how people move as much as the Model-T did.

Freedomwalk — The trick would be to design a transportation system that didn’t have a carriage, that didn’t have wind resistance, that didn’t have rolling resistance — and did not have to stop for cross traffic.

Completely eliminating these problems drove the design of Freedomwalk, the world’s first multilane, enclosed, elevated, moving sidewalk — capable of top speeds of over 30 mph. Each thirty inch wide lane will actually be the top surface of a steel block ten feet long and riding along (very smoothly) on a maglev rail bed.

Since these maglev blocks (which joined together make up the moving sidewalk) never travel faster than 30 MPH in the fastest lane, they can utilize existing maglev train control technology already in use throughout the world. This is still a seismic shift, from ancient technology to frictionless technology of the future.

We anticipate construction of the elevated sidewalk and canopy to happen almost entirely in the air rights all city governments already own over the long straight thoroughfares that constitute the major sections of existing roadbed — perfect for adding Freedonwalks.

Renaissance for Cities Long, moving, open airy sidewalks will promote a cleaner, more attractive, more convenient transportation system that will encourage city dwellers to walk an extra 15-20 minutes per day.

Healthy Cities — Walking is the only universally approved exercise for virtually every age and physical condition of human.

Economic Renaissance — Creating a second horizontal layer in the city at 30 feet will be an uncalculate-able advantage. The air in this new layer along the walk — will be mildly conditioned before it is blown out on the backs of the walkers in the faster lanes (this lowers relative wind resistance for these people), improving the entire cities productivity, especially in northern latitude cities which will add entire work days and work weeks ro overall productivity with a Freedomwalk.

School Busses Eliminated — the cities with Freedomwalks will be able to eliminate school bus systems completely and never have to cancel school for snow or inclement whether.

Terrorism –Transportation systems in the modern era are unfortunately terrorist targets. The elimination of the bus, car, subway or train carriage makes Freedomwalk cities safer. Even if a terrorist penetrates the perimeter and sets off a device, the percussion wave or chemical agent is uncontained by any type of carriage and its threat is therefore greatly lessened.

Income Inequality Reduction Tool — It’s estimated riders would be able to purchase trips on the system for less than half the cost of existing city transportation systems and that the city, while charging less than half as much per trip — would make enough money on the system to cover all operating, maintenance, and amortized capex.

Freedomwalks can be profitable for a city even during the repayment of the capital costs because they operate so efficiently, and unlike cars, trains, buses, and subways, the Freedomwalk system does not require marginal cost increases.

Massively Scalable — It doesn’t cost anymore to run the Freedomwalk system on a Monday when a million people crowd out on it than it does on Sunday morning when only 250,000 go out for a morning walk. Every existing competing transportation system has chronic scale cost explosions when you add riders. With buses, subways, and trains marginal costs actually go up per rider as overtime, extra equipment and all the other problems — simply get worse — not better.

The Freedomwalk is infinitely scalable from the moment it’s turned on. As its steel blocks travel up and down its maglev rail bed, they will encounter no wind resistance and no rolling resistance and therefore one block is estimated to travel 2,400 miles on one gallon of fuel.

Asia will build many Freedomwalks — The benefit to some cities where pollution is threatening the livelihood of millions would be enormous. In some Asian cities, where pollution is a major problem and population numbers are very high I estimate they will probably build Freedomwalks two and three layers high.


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