Tom Perez Wins DNC chair

Tom Perez Wins DNC chair

I’ve written a number of pieces here in the blog advising the Democratic Party to choose Perez because I think he’s smart, capable, and committed to a much more centrist course than his main rival, Congressman Keith Ellison. Now that he has won (oh so close), comes the hard part, rebuilding a Party reeling from 8 years of Obama policy failures, terrorist troubles worldwide and a stagnant economy here at home.

Perez’s first move, to make Ellison deputy chair, was not a good beginning.

On the off chance he and others in a position to make a difference read me, here is a list of things he actually needs to do — that will help.

1. Promise to eliminate the Super delegate system. The Party will never heal until this happens.

2. Stop obstructing Trump’s Cabinet appointments. Republicans cost their Party support for years with this nonsense AND they weren’t rioting at the same time, the Party is getting smaller EVERY day this goes on, and Trump is laughing all the way to the electoral bank. Do some polling Tom, confirm what I am telling you — and turn the Party away from it’s current suicidal course of obstructionism for obstructionism’s sake.

3. Build from the Center. The leftist agenda is in retreat worldwide and not because of Fake news or whatever BS the Liberal narrative is selling today, BUT, because collectivist economic policies, open borders, globalism without regard for the worker — and lower moral standards — all have failed every country embracing that collection. Environmentalism, financial regulations, safety regulations, progressive taxation, and recognition of individual rights — are all Liberal victories and are the foundation of a centrist package that is appealing. But to ignore the problem spots in the first part of that agenda and forge ahead – would be as dangerous as allowing Sharia law any space to get a footing — or allowing any substitute for our legal and moral value systems, to be championed by the Party. This won’t win over supporters as much as permanently alienate millions of Americans from all walks of life.

4. I don’t think Perez fully sees this yet, but he will, he’s a smart guy and after he hits a few walls attempting to turn the bus left, he’ll figure it out and head for the center of the road. I just hope by then, there are still enough Dems left on the bus, for it to matter.


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