Trump dominates DNC chair election debate

Trump dominates DNC chair election debate

Perez was so horse I could barely hear him, and Ellison was making a fool of himself — already calling for Trump’s impeachment — so there was little in the DNC debate I found interesting — except this – the Democratic Party After Obama, is not healthy.

Part of this is a real lack of new leadership, and part of it, is the corruption in the Party itself, but the biggest part of it — is an unwillingness to face facts.

From Townhall, sent by Joe Foley (thanks) — Obama lost non-college educated whites by large margins in both 2008 and 2012, but they were still crucial to his victory. In fact, he actually won more raw votes from non-college educated whites — because they are so numerous — than from African-Americans, Latinos, or educated whites. They remain the single largest demographic voting bloc, even as their share declines slowly over time.

That white non-educated component of the Obama coalition is completely gone.


Because Obama lied about so many important things, including terrorism, that the whites in this country no longer trust the Democratic Party has America’s interest at heart — over the interest of the terrorist and/or immigrant and/or Muslim.

This is Obama’s fault, not Trump’s.

The Trump vote was a reaction to the many mistakes made by Obama and his team that run from letting transgendered people into the female restroom at my daughters school — to letting refugees settle here that clearly do not support our value system.

Obama did not fix the tax code, he didn’t even try.

Obama did not help our infrastructure problems, he ignoted them.

Obama did not admit he was wrong about the Islamic threat, he attempted to control the mews flow and news narrative instead – and got caught.

Obama was personally popular BUT a policy failure and until some honest Democrat like Heidi Heitkamp is willing to say that out loud, this DNC race will remain a cesspool of lies, posturing, and racist rhetoric, aimed at whites, the one group they need back in their column before they can start winning again.


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