Is Trump Crazy? part II

Is Trump Crazy? part II

I’m still looking at policy positions for signs of craziness and now I move to his nominee to the Supreme Court, 10th Circuit Judge Gorsuch.

Any Republican President would have had Gorsuch in his top 3 or 4, and every judge on Trump’s future SCOTUS list – has widespread support — and acclaim — in the legal community, and the Senate, more importantly. Nothing crazy here except the way all the Senators who ALREADY voted once, (98-0) to put Gorsuch on the 10th circuit, pretending he’s suddenly a threat to the country.

Iran and the Iranian Nuclear deal are areas Trump promised change on — in the campaign — and these are areas Trump would like to change BUT simply cannot because House speaker Paul Ryan and the President don’t see eye to eye on this.

Ryan wants to see if he can get the peoples money worth (already spent) and contain the diplomatic damage that would result from giving the middle finger to the other signatories of the deal.

Trump sees this very differently. The Iranians have violated the missile test ban repeatedly and Trump knows why. They are building all the pieces OTHER than the ones closely inspected through the treaty, using the treaty money to finance the missile and nuclear program itself. Cash is fungible so this is a fact.

Trump thinks they will manufacture and install a nuclear warhead for that missile soon because the missile has no purpose otherwise.

It it neither a defensive weapon, nor one with any effectiveness offensively — without a nuclear warhead. So by slinging past Ryan here — and appearing tougher than he can legally be — UNTIL Iran messes up again, Trump has “negotiated” his way into the cat birds seat. This isn’t crazy, it’s brilliant.

If Iran stops building missiles and sponsoring terrorism the world over, this is good for the Trump Presidency and America. If they continue to violate the agreement and UN sanctions, either placed against them or that they signed, Trump looks right, he gets political capital to tighten the noose — and Ryan isn’t damaged because his image as a moderate is not a negative for him – he is a moderate, and runs on that.

This positioning is not the work of a sick mind, but a smart one, functioning cognitively at a high level, higher than his peers so far. In other words, for Trump to look crazy for taking a tough stand here, the Iranians have to repudiate decades of behavior, ideology, and planning.

Frankly, thinking Trump is wrong about Iran, that’s crazy.
These mullahs are not what the liberals think, they wouldn’t hesitate to use a nuke against a city — and then we have a new world order, not one the Islamic nations are going to like any more than we are.

His stance on Cutting Regulations, the old “Cut two for each new one” routine (with revenue scoring!) is a play right out of Reagan’s playbook, I think it was also a 2 for 1 thing back then. This stuff is chicken feed, spiritual food for the base, the real meat is on Wall Street where Dodd Frank and all the other regularity mazes with big dollar signs intersect – and we haven’t seen the outline even — on any of this financial regulatory reform — and we won’t until the Senate Democrats stop acting like 2-year olds with temper tantrum syndrome, and quickly approve Cabinet choices they know they cannot block.

Trump is rude and brash when he points these things out, but that doesn’t make him crazy, Schumer might MAKE him crazy, but it isn’t crazy to call out Schumer’s childish antics, stall tactics, crocodile tears, and bad behavior toward these nominees — as shameful.

The nominees may have come to town hoping to work with the Democrats, but they’re learning that isn’t so easy to do. And crazy Trump isn’t teaching them that bitter lesson, the Senate Democrats led by Schumer — are.

Of course, my favorite politician in America, Heidi Heitkamp, broke rank and voted to confirm where she’s been able. I can tell you this, if Heitkamp agrees with Trump on anything, anything at all, any package, any proposal, I’m for it.

More tomorrow…after the Super Bowl…be sure and catch the 84 Lumber ad, talk about a bonehead move.


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