What is Fake News? More from Australia!

What is Fake News? More from Australia!

Here is an excerpt from the Reuters (a main stream media wire service that has a very liberal bias) report on the refugee ban dust up with Australia. This article was written two days AFTER the Australian PM emphatically denied, twice, there was an angry exchange with the U.S. President. Here is the completely inaccurate excerpt taken directly from the Reuters “story”:

Reuters — Bishop said both countries were still working through the details of the agreement, which sparked a rare diplomatic spat between the two staunch allies, with Trump berating Australia’s prime minister in an angry phone call.”

Bishop refers to PM Julie Bishop, a fast rising political star, and, in my not humble opinion — one of the smartest women in the world.

This means Trump and Turnbull, the Aussie PM, the two people on the call, BOTH characterized it as courteous and both deny the reports spread by the news services — like Reuyers — which as you can see, is not even bothering to report the President or the Prime Ministers denial of the report.

Leaving one sides denial of an accusation like that out of a news report about world leaders — used to be the type of journalistic error that cost a reporter his job. Now, at Reuters and AP, and ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, and The Washington Post — it’s how you GET your job.

Why is this? As I observe them over the last 10 years, a significant amount, probably 90% of the the coverage provided by those big powerhouse news organizations — is liberally biased — so biased, the coverage doesn’t serve a journalist purpose.
For example, why didn’t the article stress that both the Aussie PM and the President agreed to keep the refugee pact — and that the Bishop announcement therefore — was concrete evidence the early Reuter reporting was erroneous?

They did not do this although they clearly had the evidence, I heard Turnbull say it, surely they did. They don’t ever apologize or fix their errors because they do these things on purpose. They have a political agenda, work for people without journalistic ethics and are hired for their idealogical commitment to the liberal narrative. This is a suffocating combination and news reports with outright lies in them — are the result.

Reuters is and has been for some time, part of the Fake news machine that actually reports critical details of news announcements and political activities through a liberally biased lens. I have witnessed hundreds of these type omissions/lies/propaganda stories in their reporting and I thought I should point all this out while I had an example so black and white, I would be embarrassed to be called a Reuters reporter if this story had my byline.


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