The Iranian Nuclear Deal’s ballistic missile problem

The Iranian Nuclear Deal’s ballistic missile problem

I predicted the Iranian Nuclear Deal would collapse because the Iranian mullahs cannot be trusted. They hate us, want to kill us, are corrupt, old, religious fanatics that have no place in control of armies or weapons and the fact that Obama did not see this – surprised me over and over again — right down to the bitter end.

Now we have to live with the consequences of his naiveté/optimism. Read this report from Fox News and ask yourself, what is their ultimate purpose for this missile once they get it working?

Fox News — Iran conducted its first ballistic missile test under Donald Trump’s presidency, in yet another apparent violation of a United Nations resolution, U.S. officials told Fox News.

The launch occurred Sunday at a well-known test site outside Semnan, about 140 miles east of Tehran, Fox News was first to learn.

The Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile flew 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a reentry vehicle, officials said. Iran defense minister Brigadier Gen. Hossein Dehqan said in September that Iran would start production of the missile.

U.N. resolution 2231 — put in place days after the Iran nuclear deal was signed — calls on the Islamic Republic not to conduct such tests. However, this is at least Iran’s second such test since July. The resolution bars Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests for eight years and went into effect July 20, 2015.

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1 Response to The Iranian Nuclear Deal’s ballistic missile problem

  1. AgelessMD says:

    I bet that Kerry and Clinton and Biden and Obama are just shocked in much the way Rick was when the police told him that there was gambling going on in his casino in Casa Blanca.

    The problem for me lies in understanding the motivation for making the Iran deal and hurrying to pay the Iranians billions before it was due while the Iranians were breaking the terms of the ballistic missile ban deal. The money has been used to fund the republican guard operations and Hezbollah.

    I refuse to believe that our highest level politicians were all colluding to destroy the world in a conflagration as the mullahs wish to do in order to initiate the second coming of Islam. That leaves just plain misguided and foolish as the reasons, which isn’t so heartening either..

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